I'd totally ship me!

Monday, August 6, 2012

I've been having so many great accomplishments these past few days and I can't thank God enough for everything. I want to high-five myself and pat my back and say "Good job trina!" Yay. go me.

I don't even wanna sound any air-headed here or what not, but I am just so proud of me for helping myself to excel. To do things beyond my limit, to excel in things that I never thought I could..

Looking back, I used to be so naive and just basically existing to exist. A waste of air and space. I used to be so empty.. but then I saved myself. I have been resurrected from the dead me and I have rescued myself with the help and grace of God to the new and better me.

For all these times, I have mastered the game of saving yourself from your own stinky old self. The answer? LOVE YOURSELF. At the end of the day, people will always leave you, mock you, do things to you that are bad, will badmouth about you, friends will be fakers, boyfriends will cheat, guys will make you cray. But at the end of the day, these things won't matter to you at all if you have a genuine love for your own self. Who cares if you feel so alone? You love yourself, therefore, You are going to have a pink bubble bath tonight and wear your red silky dress to sleep. Celebrate your self love instead of sulking into being alone.

Forgive yourself, woman! It doesn't matter whether you are single since birth or in a relationship. Just love yourself. Don't waste your time thinking about how incapable you are of things. Trust me, the "future you"  is probably looking at you right now and shaking her head while saying, "If you only knew how much I'd like you to meet me. To show you how much of a person you have become and all of your great accomplishments in life. I bet, you wouldn't just sit there and tell yourself that you are nothing." So get up brave one! put your pink sweats and run for your life. Live to a better you. Start now.

I know I am just probably repeating myself, but trust me, I also had my own ups and down, my own blue balloon kind of day, but hey! I have saved myself from sulking around my own mistakes. I have striven to only better myself and I didn't let any ungrateful people to get the best of me by trying to belittle me. Cause truthfully, these people pick on you for a reason, that is because you are so much better than them.. Don't fight them off or even stoop down to their level by mocking their deeds. The greatest way for you to get even is to forget about them, let them drown in envy along with their own bitterness in life as they watch you live. Watch you live such a beautiful life that is so far from theirs.

In this article "In His eyes" - I think this will somehow help you to understand fully your worth and why you should value yourself because God just simply created us in His likeness, therefore-- we are valuable. We are His masterpiece, He created us to excel in things. So don't just settle for "enough", enough that you are living, enough that someone loves you, enough that you are breathing, No. Enough is good, yes.. but being complete is even better.

I'm not saying that we should all be perfect.. It's alright to feel bad about yourself, we all had those days wherein our best is to simply just eat a whole box of pizza or devoured in our favorite Ice cream.

What I'm saying is, let's try to live a balanced life.

You can always feel bad about yourself but tomorrow will always be another day.. Another day to make a change. To begin again. Stop feeling guilty. Commit to have a better view in life and tell yourself that "Yesterday was a bad day, heck it was! but today will be a better one." Instead of saying "Yesterday was a bad day, I hate my life! I was never really good enough." Accept forgiveness my dear friends, accept growth.. accept your weakness and try to strengthen it, welcome it and embrace it with so much understanding. Never ever wake-up one day and forgetting how it feels like to be happy. You're alive, you have a chance to live so stop acting dead. Never ever abandon yourself, your future, or even your dreams. Just never.

It's time to evolve my friends.

I myself is a better person now and I would totally ship me!
Cheers to the new ME, us. :)

"God didn't create any of us to be average. He didn't make us to barely get by. We were created to excel."

Love & Blessings!
Trina x 

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