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Wednesday, August 15, 2012

You don't have to see each other to be more inlove...
I can tell you more about that later.

YOU'RE IN A LONG DISTANCE RELATIONSHIP? that's good. Now be strong! :)

Not everyone could be in a long distance relationship. It takes real patience, great understanding and two grown ups with enormous love for each other and genuine willingness to work things out. Not to mention, a lot of prayers and strong faith for it to last.

I've had 2 long distance rel before this, but none of it worked out. After my last one --I swore to close my heart for any chance of long distance love. It just wasn't for me.

Being in a relationship alone is hard enough to keep what more when put in a long distance relationship? Oh boy you have no idea. It's like trying to live life with your imaginary boyfriend just to keep you sane everyday.

When my last one didn't work out, I used to blame myself for it, I was devastated and keep on asking myself what I did wrong.. I've been into 2 long distance relationship and terribly fail at it.. I hated myself and my guts. I then have become bitter and angry of love, of this kind of relationship, angry of myself and I feared it would be like that forever. But then I was wrong.. God has a better plan for me.. I realized that he wanted to test me, to test my faith towards him and to accept this kind of life that he has given me.

I believe God is the author of life, he had carefully written and planned everything for us including our love stories.. and mine just happened to be in a long distance rel. And God didn't want me to give-up on something that he has chosen for me. If I had given up on long distance love after failing at it twice, I don't think I would be this happy and contented. I don't think I would be this full in spirit and strong in love. Being in a long distance relationship is my fate and it helped me to become a better person. It changed me. A lot.

I now realized why it didn't work out for me before.. perhaps, it just wasn't meant to be. Maybe I was doing it wrong. Maybe God wanted me to experience the most honest and pure joy that I wouldn't get in my previous rel. Now it was all clear to me.. I wasn't doing it wrong, I was just in the wrong time, wrong place, inlove with the wrong people and wasting my energy and emotion to a love that wasn't even meant to be.

AND God had let me out. I'm glad He did.

Being in a long distance relationship is hard, we all know that.. but it doesn't really have to be hard enough, you just have to focus on some things that makes life worth it. Yes, it's completely insane to be far away from someone you wouldn't trade for anything in this world, every moment of the day is not the same without them. You miss the hugging, kissing, cuddling, cheesy name callings, etc that makes your day better. We all do.. we miss them, sure. But life has to move-on.

Keep yourself busy and find something you're good at-- no, it doesn't mean you have to forget about them.. but just keep your days busy with other things. It'll help you not only to forget the 'missing feeling' but it will also help you to become a better person. What could be nicer than developing deep self love huh? You have to be complete in yourself first and take care of yourself before you can develop real love to others. Surviving a long distance relationship involves deep self love before anything else. This will be your strength and foundation so you won't lose some turns along the way. So me, that's exactly what I've been trying to do lately, I've been trying to keep myself busy as much as possible with school, with improving myself and finding what other things I'd like to do because I know I have to. I have this tendency to be needy and annoying especially when I'm bored.. and with my experience? It didn't really help me that much.

I guess more importantly, above anything else.. you have to trust each other and have a big faith in God. King has been really good at reminding me about this one, he's been there to remind me all the time that I need to be positive if I want this thing to work. That I need to trust God and let Him work in our relationship and to not worry about anything. Having an honest and constant open communication is also the main key to survive this kind of rel.


You don't have to see each other to be more in love.. you just have to have a commitment and genuine love towards each other to make this work effortlessly even between the distance.

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