China Town!

Monday, September 3, 2012

I went to China town for the first time after 22 years of my life. Finally! hahaha

I really had fun to be honest.. although it was really tiring! but we did have fun. The lucky mall was amazeball and it's too high end. We ate at Max's.. though I was really craving for some authentic dishes. But anyhow, maybe next time.. I went there with my other classmates chloe, abby, and paj. We went there to buy my Chinese costume for our school play and I am telling you! I loooove my costume. It was a dream for me to dress-up like a Chinese girl that I am (I have a chinese blood btw, chi-la) Anyways, you should watch our play to see my gorgeous dress! it's a must. :p

And while frolicking around China town we saw this little Yellow Jambhala and it caught my attention.

 The yellow jambhala is a god of wealth in Tibetan Buddhism. According to this site.

"Jambhala is a protector of the dharma. He helps people by eliminated poverty so that they may practice the Dharma. When a person becomes rich, he is more able to be unselfish and generous. If you are having financial difficulties, call upon his name, and he will come and help you. Worshipping or practicing Jambhala can also help you to get rid of the insecurity of financial worries so that you can focus on practicing the Dharma. More importantly, his practice helps you attain spiritual wealth, eliminate greed and become a better person." How interesting right?

So I tried it. :) I am not actually a believer of anything like this but just to try it out, I immediately asked "ate" the sales girl how to work this thing. So she said, we just have to pour water on the yellow jambhala for 6x and say the mantra and then wish while tossing a coin inside the huge bowl of water. And so we did.

But why do the yellow jambhala likes the water poured on his head?

"Someone once explained to me that when Devadatta, the jealous cousin of Shakyamuni Buddha threw rocks at the Buddha, the Jambhalas were around and the rocks hit White and Yellow Jambhalas on their heads and hit Black Jambhala on the stomach. This is why White and Yellow Jambhalas feel bliss when water offering is poured on their heads. This eases their pain. For the same reason for Black Jambhala, water should be poured onto his stomach." 

Although the yellow jambhala is a god of wealth, I didn't wish about wealth though. haha Yeah I know. I suck. But oh welps. I just enjoyed the perks of visiting China town! Experiencing their culture and just frolicking around the place, it really changes your view in life.. it really fascinates me though how these chinese are so hook with different charms and stuff. I don't have anything against it, though for me believing in  something like this is more like denying your faith towards God, our loving Father and savior.

But nonetheless, I'm planning to visit again with my boyfriend-- hopefully soon. In hopes, I can finally get a chance to buy myself some fortune cookies! cause apparently you have to atleast request it for 2-3 days before you can get some. Sad. I was expecting for some ready ones though. lol

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