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Tuesday, September 25, 2012

"There are some days when I think I'm going to die from an overdose of satisfaction." - Salvador Dali.

Hi, I'm sorry for the lack of post. I've been so busy with school. It's been eating up all my time that I never really had some of my "me time" in the bathroom as I used to before. Although, I am not complaining, busy days were blessings from up above. Yeah I believe that.

I felt my heart sink a little as I remembered I haven't been in the church for the past two weeks. I'm the type of person who sometimes attend the church atleast 4x a week, and I can't seem to wrap my head around the idea that I am forgetting, not literally forgetting but I just can't imagine how I could be so pre-occupied that I don't even get the chance to visit the church. You know that kind of feeling that makes you cringe whenever you stopped dead on your track and suddenly remembered that it's Sunday and yet you have a shoot? What do you do? Nothing.. you can just suck it all up and feel more and more guilty as the days passed by.. Although I always talk to God, nobody can take that away from me. I always talk to Him whenever I can... when I'm going to school,when I am quiet, even when I'm doing something. I always talk to Him and I know He's always there for me to listen. Yet, I know it will never be enough.

I know though that God has been working in my life lately, that even though I am stuffed to the brim and couldn't even manage my time because of my busy sched I know He's been planning something great for my growth and His glory. I am so glad for every opportunity that has come my way lately, I am thankful for the play, for my swimming game, for being the Features Editor of the school newspaper, for our magazine, for the new challenges and experiences, and for every tinnie tiny bits of projects in school and lots of happenings in my life right now.

It does feel like I'm a changed person though, that I've conquered a significant phase in my life and I am doing great at it, gloriously hanging eventhough I am on the verge of giving up. But then I know there's more to come, way way more to come my way. That's why I'm asking God to give me more patience, to give me the heart to use the gifts that He has blessed me with to bless others. To forgive me and to help me manage my time carefully and to not lose the spunk and my spirit that keeps me going.

Anyways, here's whats mostly keepin me busy.

Our school play. called "Fate's Line" by Debbie Ann Tan

 I will be playing here as Fate Huang.. :)

Find out more about it by liking our page: Ad Infinitum Productions.

Love & Blessings!
Trina x

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