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Saturday, September 29, 2012

Starting today, I will make a blog entry about movie reviews every Friday. Simply because I love movies and I am damn crazy about them. I guess, it has always been my passion to appreciate great films and to really admire them. So tonight, I'm gunna share y'all my fave movies recently. :)


This movie is superb!! had me craving for some home made pies throughout the whole movie. I love the concept, the 1960's era style, southern girl's charm and a bitter sweet comedy-drama life concept. Jenna (Keri Russell), is a small town waitress at Joe's Pie diner, married to her bossy husband Earl, and got pregnant with his baby (accidentally) Because according to her, Earl just got her so drunk that night and whenever she's drunk, she apparently do something really stupid-- like sleeping with his husband, Earl. haha

The movie was quite funny and she's crazy about making pies. As a child, Jenna baked pies like the Marshmallow Mermaid Pie (which I will try to bake this week). Every pie she creates was only based on her emotions and whatnot and then add to it some weird fancy names such as Fallin' in Love Chocolate Mousse Pie, I don't want Earl's baby Pie, and I Hate My Husband Pie, yada yada!

I suggest you guys to watch this movie and try not to like it. :)


Now this movie called "The help", had me craving for minny's chocolate pie and chicken! Yes it takes only pies for me to like movies. Kidding! I can honestly say that I have watched this film for more than 10x already and I know every lines like the back of my hand. I love love love this movie to itsy bitsy pieces and I am damn crazy about the pictures, the concept, the 60's era style, the vintage houses, the southern foodies and minny's chocolate pie! If you have watched this movie already then you'll know now what I'm talking about here. The famous 2 slice hilly! :))

The film is about this young white girl skeeter (Emma Stone) who decided to write a book about racism and the colored situation. Aibileen was the first one to share her story.

The story itself was very touching with a twist of comedy and all that fizzle. I love it! I would definitely recommend this movie to everyone. You'll get hooked! I promise.

I guess, my type of movie has to have a sort of passion for food and has to be a very vintage type of movie.

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