Sometimes you gotta stop and smell the roses

Sunday, September 2, 2012

A freshly picked flowers from the outside...

I woke up with this beautiful sight, such a very rare view inside the house. My daddy probably picked it up from our small landscape outside home and placed it over the empty bottle of Arizona. How creative? very chic.

Reminds me of how beautiful days can be.
How the love of God blooms in each and one of us for each passing days. We all have this tendency to be so busy with our everyday lives that we sometimes forget to stop, be still, and appreciate the life that God has given us. To thank Him for having the chance to live again for one more day and to be healthy as ever.

We are so lucky.

Lucky to have an amazing God who sacrificed His own son, Jesus for our salvation.

I have attended the Victory earlier and I was again reminded of God's love for us. I was almost teary when I prayed to Him all my worries.. and troubles of my heart. I told Him all the works I have yet fulfilled, I told Him that I am so tired of everything. Tired of being busy with school and all that. But it's almost as if God has spoken to me and told me that I can do it. If God have put me through it, He knows I can get through it. Yes by His grace, I know I can.

I guess, I just gotta have faith and admit that I gotta put all my trust in Him and let Him work in my life. That I should just take my hands off things and just embrace/accept everything He has prepared for me.. to accept what I really deserve in life and not what my heart desires. For He knows what's best for me, He knows His plans for me, for my life, His plans to prosper me, and not to harm me, plans to give me hope and a future. His sweet promises, these what keeps me still.

And yet as a human. I am weak. Everyday, I still ask the Lord am I deserving of this life? of this chance? am I deserving to live? to have an amazing family who would always love and support me? to have a loving and faithful boyfriend? to have been blessed with true friends? blessed to have so many amazing talents? am I deserving Lord that you know my name? that Jesus sacrificed His own life for me? am I deserving of your blessings? your love? your grace? and yet, who am I to question God anyway?

despite my sins, God would still wanna pursue me everyday. Pursue us.. and that's the kind of love I would always be thankful for. That through my busy days, God will always be there to remind me, to poke me and to say Hey, I am here-- you can rest all your troubles with me. Surrender everything to me and I will give you peace.

God is so amazing.. it takes awareness and strong faith to find Him in our everyday lives. Just seek him deeply within your heart and surrender yourself wholeheartedly.. and you will find Him. God will always be there.. Remember He knows your name, even the numbers of your hair, He knows each and every one of us.. eventhough God has been listening to billions of other prayers, watching over billions of people from all around the world. But I can guarantee you that He would never ever forget us, forget you and me.

My dear friends, God is an amazing God. We just sometimes gotta stop and thank Him for He has always been with us. Working in our lives. Giving us his gracious blessings even if we don't really deserve it.. because He is a generous God and a loving father.

All the praise should be lifted upon Him so He will shower us with more blessings, and grace. Let us all draw near to him. By his side, where we could all be safe.

Love & Blessings! x

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