Splurge of the week!

Wednesday, October 31, 2012

I just bought these things last week! Hello forever21! xx

Sorry, too lazy to blog in details. hehe


So I woke up today and my brother told me to join them in swimming. I figured why not since I'm dying to get a good tan! :)

The pool was about 6ft and I had to be my baby brother's LifeGuard for the day! lol But surprisingly, my boy can swim! :)

I've prepared Tuna corn salad for that day and a small tumbler of pink lemonade. Yum! (the recipes to be followed)

and ofcourse my beauty essentials. My wild scarlet lotion by Victorias secret, Olay moisturizer, nivea moisturizer and my sun block and two bath gels. :)
 Me being VAIN as usual.
A selfies. haha
This is how TAN I am now.
Well, it was such a fun day filled with kids and TAN lines. xx

"Even pearls can outshine diamonds"

Thursday, October 25, 2012

 Hey, guisee! I just wanna share y'all our lovely "presscon" for our finals in PR.

The theme was all about Filipino designers who have made it big abroad.
 The venue (Regalia Tower Suites) was beautiful and the food was amazing.... that I had to come back twice for lasagna. :p
My favorite part. haha ofcourse! Yum yum!! :p

Anyways, here are some of the photos.. 
our table with the lovely ladies- and a cute miniature Eiffel tower :)

Picture with Kitty Perry! haha The superb talented-- anj.
 ofcourse with my girls-- yey and pauline.
 I'm too tall for this, seriously! haha lol
Ofcourse, me and my weirdo! :p 

 The beautiful boys. :p
So the whole time, me and pauline was being too papansin and not letting anyone to take their selfies. haha

Me-- hitting the catwalk. :)


The whole event was a great success that our prof gave us a perfect score for finals. woot woot!

I love my course and
I am so proud of my blockmates.

We got a perfect score for both Theater and PR!  :)

More to come guys! x

The 4th day of my "Watch me shrink" diet.

So today I bought a new Fitnesse (Honey and Almonds) and the slim alaska fresh milk. 
I don't really like the taste of the honey and almonds so after this box I'm planning to buy the fruits instead.

and I didn't really feel like eating at all so this was my lunch + snack earlier! and I feel so full already.
I currently lost 3-4 pounds I think and so far I'm kinda liking it.


Last night I've decided to read again.

and finally I am trying my best to finish this book (Baby Proof).

I'm on my 16th chapter now and so far it was good.

More of this book, later. :)

Watch me shrink.

Tuesday, October 23, 2012

My lunch. Tuna sandwich (wheat bread) with lettuce and orange slices.

Today I woke up extra happy and feeling light.

I weighed myself immediately and found out that I lost 2 pounds already just overnight. Amazeballs!!

I do hope to lose more weight in the next few days or so.

I'm a bit worried though that I might end up again being bulimic or too anorexic like what happened to me before. But as much as possible I am trying to eat healthy foodies now and just balancing my diet.

I think I'll just continue with this diet though-- because unfortunately,  my mom won't allow me to do the Master Cleanse.

Maybe I'll try it sometime next year.

Anyways, I have to go and start my ZUMBA exercise.  x

Yeah baby!! time to sweat. :D

ZUMBA madness

Monday, October 22, 2012

Today is the first day of my "DIET"...

and so far, I'm liking it although my favorite foodies inside the fridge was seducing me the whole time.

I just kept telling myself that I'll die if I eat that food, some sort of a mental trick for me. haha I don't know I'm weird. But I had to.

Anyways, so yeah I did the ZUMBA exercise for 40 minutes before I eat my lunch and I've lost 1 pound (343-389 calories). 'twas basically just my body water I guess. That's why I don't know whether or not I should be happy..

but hey atleast it worked right? haha The booty shaking and all that shit. Oh boy I was so tired but I love the sweat.

So right after that I just prepared my Tuna sandwich lunch with lettuce and had my lunch.

Then ofcourse, my favorite part of the day. The bath time! :D Yes, time for me to relax my senses and just rest, rest, rest.

I finally had enough time to enjoy myself in the tub. after atleast 3 months I think (?)
The bathroom is probably the only place in the house that I truly care about.
Say Hello to my kikay nails!
 My new obsession!! These are my cute little shower gels (butterfly glitter bath= cherry // Ice cream= vanilla) that I bought from Sleepcare. I love the scent especially the glittery cherry pink one. I'm planning to buy some more and just stuck them inside the bathroom. :)

Anyhoo, say HELLO to my humble dinner.

I can't wait to lose weight/be done with this diet and
be free to cook myself something. I hate dieting.

SEMBREAK means DIET time for me!

Sunday, October 21, 2012

So today I went to Shangrila Mall to buy some stuff for my diet plan. Yes! DIET. Finally. haha  I am going to start my ZUMBA tomorrow too, last year I was so fond of belly dancing.. Now I wanna try Zumba just for a change. :)

Anyways, I'm just trying to ready myself for my Master Cleanse diet. Although I'm still discerning whether or not I should pursue this diet plan because well, I think hindi ko keribells mag paka tom jones for 10 days. And drinking just Lemonade juices for 10 days would be the death of me. But anyhoo, I still wanna do it for myself, and for my body. I think I have gained weight a little too much, I used to be 110lbs and now I am weighing 120lbs (yes don't judge) I have meat on my bones because I love to eat. Palusot! Actually it was all my boyfriend's fault.. He's been my Laffang mate and trip nya lagi is buffet! haha so etoh I look like a whale now. A cute whale though! ^____-

So here, I bought Fitnesse and skim milk, some wheat bread for my tuna sandwich-- which I will be eating for atleast 3 days before my cleanse.
So wish me luck on this, and I will update you guys about my diet whether you like it or not. haha

If all else fail a.k.a if I'd be out of budget (yes because the master cleanse diet requires a lot of $$ to do so.. The stuff was shit expensive.. just the maple B syrup-- it would cost me around P560 for a small bottle) Oh welps.. kalurkey mag diet chenelen ever! It's not that I don't have the money, it's actually more of ME being too kuripot. haha

Please excuse my bloody gay linggo. I don't even know what's wrong with my blogging now.
I think I'm blabbing. I guess, I'm just really really tired from the sea of people that I have encountered at the mall. baboosh! x

My alone time.

Thursday, October 11, 2012

Here I am sitting by the window at 1 AM in the morning trying to type out my emotions. The whole house is so quiet, I hear nothing except the sound of my typing.

I know I should be sleeping now because tom is the DAY our BIG day! Our beloved play. I'm excited. A bit of mixed emotions actually. I feel nervous because well, nearly 2000 people will get to watch me act on stage. Quite a funny scene because I've never imagined in my whole life that I will be acting on stage. But nonetheless, I am giving you guys my pinky swear that I will give my shitload of effort just to give you a good show.

Anyways, I feel so at peace.

My alone time. I love my alone time like, now.

Just me and my thoughts.

This silence reminded me of someone. The one that got away. That one final moment of goodbye. No waves, just turned backs. Pieces by pieces you see all your hopes, dreams and love-- rusting in layers as it waits to wither away. It was such a devastating scene to watch as you see your plans together becoming more and more unreal and nothing but some sugar-coated lies.

It always fascinates me how people can just shut you down instantly.. just like that! BOOM and then walk away, walk away and didn't even look back.

I asked my friend Pauline why do I feel these things after all these years. She told me that maybe because I haven't found the "one" yet. The one who could diminished all the hate and whatnot inside of me. Or that maybe, I am still the old martyr me and I don't have enough self love.

I once read that there are two kinds of women-- those who eat in a crisis and those who lose their appetite in a crisis. Looking back, I was so immature/naive.. and out of anger and hate I've tried my hardest not to live in bitterness but still I held grudges for that person. Well, because getting mad was easier than being sad... that's what I thought. But that ugly hate corrupted me. I have lost it all. I've lost my appetite for life and for love. But as you grow older you'll realize that you have wasted so many bits of you for nothing. You may have truly loved that person but he might not be the right person for you.

Yes I screwed up and was so full of shit about love. But I find beauty with all that loss. I have found, ME. I've found me as a whole. I've started all over again and seek for the love I think I deserve. Within that 2 years of relationship, there wasn't a single moment when I was being myself and I figured well-- it wasn't love after all. Maybe it was just the aftermath of rushing into love, of making yourself believe that you have found the "one"(when in reality you just happened to meet your first boyfriend) then you make a fool out of yourself trying to stay and fight for that so called soulmate who's now left you for someone else. How tragic.Well hello love.

When my boyfriend asked me if I could promise him that I will stay with him forever. I told him bluntly that I can't and I know he can't promise me that either. Simply because I know life will eventually get in the way. But by all means, for as long as he would remain faithful, with all my heart I would.

I love this guy though. He doesn't get mad nor demands. It wasn't the kind of love that makes you think you are being delusional again or whatnot. It was the kind of love that makes your cheeks hurt from cheesin. The kind of love who gives more when I'm giving 30% of the love, he's giving me back the 70% or even more. The kind of love that makes you want to wear tags that says "I am crazy blessed." I love him and its beautiful because he loves me more.

I know there is no such thing as a better relationship or love, we all just have it differently. and now I think I have it perfectly. If not, well I think I just have it enough, enough that I am contented and that my heart is at it's happy place.

I know I had it all wrong before... that love was a make believe.

but this is different, I know for a certain that.. This is LOVE.
Love as it's finest perfection! Finally, I know better.

It's 3am now. Forgive my writing and my blabbing.
I need to doze off! x

"Color my life with the chaos of trouble."

Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hello sleep, how I miss you. Terribly missing you.

I haven't had any decent sleep for the past weeks, or for all months now. I'm not complaining though. I love what I do. But sometimes, I wish I could just pause the moment and take my time to have a looong decent sleep.

I've been busy. Hella busy. Stuffed to the brim!

and I think I have finally realized the saying "So many things to do, so little time." 

I can admit that I'm having a little crisis on how to manage my time effectively. And to be honest, an hour of bubble bath sounds heavenly right now. I miss the tub! I haven't had any ME time for awhile and it sucks. I haven't gone to shopping for my toiletries. I haven't had any decent meal from a good restaurant. Oh and you know what? I haven't had any recent selfies because well I've been busy, but mainly because my BB is currently broken. woes! I'll have it fixed tonight though.

Anyways, life has been really good though.. (emphasis on the "good") eventhough I'm currently married to my school while time has flown by so quickly.

Yeah.. I still can't believe our PLAY is getting nearer and nearer. I love how I'm beginning to feel my character as Fate Huang. I love that I think in each and every rehearsals we've had-- everyone is becoming more and more good than before. I love how were discovering things about ourselves, shanting all our insecurities and giving more to bring out our talents throughout the play.

I love the heat of the spotlight against my face as I throw my lines on stage. Also, I love how I'm tremendously investing my effort for the betterment of this play. I guess, if I would to summarize everything that has been happening in my life, I can truly say that I've been blessed enough to even complain on how I've never gotten any decent sleep lately. Yes play can be very exhausting! Yes, our product launch will be on this Monday and I am in-charge of mostly everything! Yes I am going to the Airport this midnight to drop my sister off and I know I am going to complain again about sleep later on this blog. But atleast, I am busy with lots of things and I've been very productive and proud... so proud that eventhough I still haven't figured out how to handle my time yet and how to do things perfectly with my two bare hands, atleast I know I have grown. And growing up isn't that bad.

Sometimes, in the midst of being too clouded with so many things... it's not really about losing sleep, sometimes it's all about finding more about yourself while your eyes are widely opened. Finding the beauty in the midst of it all. Finding what you're truly made for and just pray that you'll succeed in every possible way. I guess just like in breaking up or moving on.. it's not always about the 'losing' part that counts. Sometimes, it's all about being... found. That through all the hardship.. the sun will always shine. Rainbows will appear after the dark clouds. That through all my childish tantrums, my boyfriend will always be there to pamper me with words. hahaha He's been the sweetest lately, he's been my saving grace for all these weeks. Oh boy am I inlove with him? I say, head over heels and 'round the clock baby! He's the best part of my life and I'm beaming with excitement knowing that he's coming home... I'm trying to contain my happy bubbles but it's bursting into bite size portions. :'> So please excuse me as I try to wash off this red cheeks. lol I really appreciate all the mighty effort for calling me and making sure that we last on the phone babe. I love you!! hihi [okay enough of the cheesy gibberish talk]

To wrap this up,
I am grateful. So grateful in every aspect of my life.

So right now, eventhough it may seem that my divine "sleeptime " wish is still moving at sloth pace while everything has been streaming by so fast... I'm still living with it. Still trying to enjoy everything through all the chaos of my life. Still laying in bed feeling grateful about yesterday and excited for the good that will sweep me off my feet tomorrow. :)

I'm still hoping for my dreamland to come by though.
A good sleep without interruption just to completely replenish my exhaustion.
For a moment to cut me off some slack so I could somehow stop and smell the roses.

But as of this moment, I am piled up and I need to do a lot of paper pomanders for our product launch decors. So I have to quit writing.
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