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Saturday, October 6, 2012

Hello sleep, how I miss you. Terribly missing you.

I haven't had any decent sleep for the past weeks, or for all months now. I'm not complaining though. I love what I do. But sometimes, I wish I could just pause the moment and take my time to have a looong decent sleep.

I've been busy. Hella busy. Stuffed to the brim!

and I think I have finally realized the saying "So many things to do, so little time." 

I can admit that I'm having a little crisis on how to manage my time effectively. And to be honest, an hour of bubble bath sounds heavenly right now. I miss the tub! I haven't had any ME time for awhile and it sucks. I haven't gone to shopping for my toiletries. I haven't had any decent meal from a good restaurant. Oh and you know what? I haven't had any recent selfies because well I've been busy, but mainly because my BB is currently broken. woes! I'll have it fixed tonight though.

Anyways, life has been really good though.. (emphasis on the "good") eventhough I'm currently married to my school while time has flown by so quickly.

Yeah.. I still can't believe our PLAY is getting nearer and nearer. I love how I'm beginning to feel my character as Fate Huang. I love that I think in each and every rehearsals we've had-- everyone is becoming more and more good than before. I love how were discovering things about ourselves, shanting all our insecurities and giving more to bring out our talents throughout the play.

I love the heat of the spotlight against my face as I throw my lines on stage. Also, I love how I'm tremendously investing my effort for the betterment of this play. I guess, if I would to summarize everything that has been happening in my life, I can truly say that I've been blessed enough to even complain on how I've never gotten any decent sleep lately. Yes play can be very exhausting! Yes, our product launch will be on this Monday and I am in-charge of mostly everything! Yes I am going to the Airport this midnight to drop my sister off and I know I am going to complain again about sleep later on this blog. But atleast, I am busy with lots of things and I've been very productive and proud... so proud that eventhough I still haven't figured out how to handle my time yet and how to do things perfectly with my two bare hands, atleast I know I have grown. And growing up isn't that bad.

Sometimes, in the midst of being too clouded with so many things... it's not really about losing sleep, sometimes it's all about finding more about yourself while your eyes are widely opened. Finding the beauty in the midst of it all. Finding what you're truly made for and just pray that you'll succeed in every possible way. I guess just like in breaking up or moving on.. it's not always about the 'losing' part that counts. Sometimes, it's all about being... found. That through all the hardship.. the sun will always shine. Rainbows will appear after the dark clouds. That through all my childish tantrums, my boyfriend will always be there to pamper me with words. hahaha He's been the sweetest lately, he's been my saving grace for all these weeks. Oh boy am I inlove with him? I say, head over heels and 'round the clock baby! He's the best part of my life and I'm beaming with excitement knowing that he's coming home... I'm trying to contain my happy bubbles but it's bursting into bite size portions. :'> So please excuse me as I try to wash off this red cheeks. lol I really appreciate all the mighty effort for calling me and making sure that we last on the phone babe. I love you!! hihi [okay enough of the cheesy gibberish talk]

To wrap this up,
I am grateful. So grateful in every aspect of my life.

So right now, eventhough it may seem that my divine "sleeptime " wish is still moving at sloth pace while everything has been streaming by so fast... I'm still living with it. Still trying to enjoy everything through all the chaos of my life. Still laying in bed feeling grateful about yesterday and excited for the good that will sweep me off my feet tomorrow. :)

I'm still hoping for my dreamland to come by though.
A good sleep without interruption just to completely replenish my exhaustion.
For a moment to cut me off some slack so I could somehow stop and smell the roses.

But as of this moment, I am piled up and I need to do a lot of paper pomanders for our product launch decors. So I have to quit writing.

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