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Thursday, October 25, 2012

 Hey, guisee! I just wanna share y'all our lovely "presscon" for our finals in PR.

The theme was all about Filipino designers who have made it big abroad.
 The venue (Regalia Tower Suites) was beautiful and the food was amazing.... that I had to come back twice for lasagna. :p
My favorite part. haha ofcourse! Yum yum!! :p

Anyways, here are some of the photos.. 
our table with the lovely ladies- and a cute miniature Eiffel tower :)

Picture with Kitty Perry! haha The superb talented-- anj.
 ofcourse with my girls-- yey and pauline.
 I'm too tall for this, seriously! haha lol
Ofcourse, me and my weirdo! :p 

 The beautiful boys. :p
So the whole time, me and pauline was being too papansin and not letting anyone to take their selfies. haha

Me-- hitting the catwalk. :)


The whole event was a great success that our prof gave us a perfect score for finals. woot woot!

I love my course and
I am so proud of my blockmates.

We got a perfect score for both Theater and PR!  :)

More to come guys! x

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