Wednesday, October 31, 2012

So I woke up today and my brother told me to join them in swimming. I figured why not since I'm dying to get a good tan! :)

The pool was about 6ft and I had to be my baby brother's LifeGuard for the day! lol But surprisingly, my boy can swim! :)

I've prepared Tuna corn salad for that day and a small tumbler of pink lemonade. Yum! (the recipes to be followed)

and ofcourse my beauty essentials. My wild scarlet lotion by Victorias secret, Olay moisturizer, nivea moisturizer and my sun block and two bath gels. :)
 Me being VAIN as usual.
A selfies. haha
This is how TAN I am now.
Well, it was such a fun day filled with kids and TAN lines. xx

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