ZUMBA madness

Monday, October 22, 2012

Today is the first day of my "DIET"...

and so far, I'm liking it although my favorite foodies inside the fridge was seducing me the whole time.

I just kept telling myself that I'll die if I eat that food, some sort of a mental trick for me. haha I don't know I'm weird. But I had to.

Anyways, so yeah I did the ZUMBA exercise for 40 minutes before I eat my lunch and I've lost 1 pound (343-389 calories). 'twas basically just my body water I guess. That's why I don't know whether or not I should be happy..

but hey atleast it worked right? haha The booty shaking and all that shit. Oh boy I was so tired but I love the sweat.

So right after that I just prepared my Tuna sandwich lunch with lettuce and had my lunch.

Then ofcourse, my favorite part of the day. The bath time! :D Yes, time for me to relax my senses and just rest, rest, rest.

I finally had enough time to enjoy myself in the tub. after atleast 3 months I think (?)
The bathroom is probably the only place in the house that I truly care about.
Say Hello to my kikay nails!
 My new obsession!! These are my cute little shower gels (butterfly glitter bath= cherry // Ice cream= vanilla) that I bought from Sleepcare. I love the scent especially the glittery cherry pink one. I'm planning to buy some more and just stuck them inside the bathroom. :)

Anyhoo, say HELLO to my humble dinner.

I can't wait to lose weight/be done with this diet and
be free to cook myself something. I hate dieting.

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