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Friday, November 30, 2012

Hello guys.

Help me as I try to CPR this blog and bring it back to life.

Okay so what made me busy these past few days....

First off, I was busy auditioning for Miss Saigon.

 The Audition was daunting, moreso the 6pm callback was a complete warzone of amazing Filipino talents,
but nonetheless it was amazing! I heard they've released the shortlist already but I haven't seen it yet.

Anyways, I was busy because of the school.
 My schedule sucks! I am full load this sem so yeah, basically school has been eating up my time.

I was busy ushering the Laureates for the GUSI PEACE PRIZE AWARD.

I was busy [enter a witty title here] camwhoring? (?) lol

I was busy eating at Contis yesterday...
GUILTY of  food coma! hahahaha
 I was busy working on this... VERY SOON guys!! :p

Anyways, to sum things up... I was just basically busy these past few months. HELLA busy and I'm not even kidding! School has been really hard on me lately. Acting like a strange bitch! All I know though is that I really really miss blogging and talking about nothing but myself. lol I promise y'all that I will try my best to update this blog regularly. But tonight will only be a quick post about my boring randomeez. Because I have to do our Thesis in awhile or maybe now! Good lawd! cut me off some slack. Seriously!

But anyhoo, My baby is currently on the plane right now! FINALLY, after 8 months of waiting and being far apart from each other he's finally coming home. I can't wait to be with him everyday. :)

Happiest girl right here,
Trina x

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