Saturday, December 22, 2012

After 10 years finally we revisited the Chocolat branch near the Wil bar and Packo's! :)

The first time I've tried Chocolat was when I was in Makati after the Miss Saigon audition, I went there with Pauline and her mom and ordered a red velvet cupcake, tiramisu and a chocolate cake (forgot the name) since then we were so hooked with the cakes! It was divine!! Especially the Tiramisu so I've been begging my boyfriend to try it with me. And so yesterday he finally gave in! haha

 but unfortunately they don't have Tiramisu.. :'( heartbreaking! we should have tried to visit the Chocolat in Xavierville instead... but nonetheless, I think we've died and gone to chocolate haven and ordered three chocolate cakes, we tried Death by Tablea (I don't know whats all the fuss about this cake but it's not really good.) Chocolate caramel cake (Oh my! this one is the bomb! so fudgy and chocolaty rich), The sugar free chocolate mousse (so-so).

Sugar free chocolate mousse.

Then we had a dinner at Banapple in Katipunan. We were supposed to eat in Eastwood but the traffic was so heavy that we've decided to just eat along katipunan.

I just had a photo of what I've ordered last night sorry haha yes! I ate the lasagna roll-ups and  bacon fried chicken steaks with milk'shroom gravy. My buddy ordered the banapple beef and sausage stew, and I made Pauline to try one of my fave here in banapple the herbed chicken rolls with basil cream sauce. :)

Banapple is still one of the best for me! Affordable and offers really yummy foodies.
and ofcourse, we can't end a meal without a piece of cake!! The praline banana cake. :)

Can't wait to blog some more foodtrips soon. xxx

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