Guess who's back?

Sunday, December 2, 2012

Have you heard the news? The king is back! and he went straight to my school to see me. :)

Finally after being far apart from each other, I get to feel his very real presence again and make up for those times that we had to be apart. He's the sweetest and being with him today just reminded me of how much I wanna stay inlove with this man and how grateful I am for having an amazing boyfriend like him.

Anyways, we ate @ Conti's again with Pauline and Nico. Yeah and so we ordered....



The best mango bravo! I'm not even kidding. This is to die for!! xx
 and more carbs!

 But ofcourse I also ordered this delicious CRAB salad. :))

Anyways, I gotta doze off now and see my baby to church tomorrow! xx

Thank you baby for my daily dose of sugar! lol

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