My gypsy heart.

Wednesday, December 5, 2012

Its no surprise that I am obsessed with Gypsies and all that bohemian shiz. Especially before! My style when I was in highschool was so bohemian. I used to wear this long pink I don't know what to call it and ties it on my hair.

Didn't have a photo of it though, It was all uploaded on my friendster (yuck! baduy.)

And now, I'm still a Gypsy at heart..

I am still a wanderer.

And obsessed with belly dancing and wearing cool turbans. Admiring Shakira and loving Esmeralda. lol

and I also do love movies (except drag me to hell! scaryshit) that has gypsies and all that weird magical spells/curse. Yeahz, I am that weird. who cares?lol

Ayways, I just changed my facebook covers by the way. :)


When you own a wild heart it's like you are being freed from everything. Nothing and no one can touch you, Nothing's lost. No one can own you or even disown you. You belong to yourself and to your bones, to your skin, to your breath, to your scent, to your own spirit. It's just you and the world... with your experiences and your long lost road away from home. You just run. No destinations. No limits. The road is your home. Your wild spirit is taking you to places you can never forget. A complete wanderer with a strong heart that can never be broken. 

And just like that you conquer the world and make history. 

Never forgotten.

It'll be a dream come true for me to meet a real gypsy someday! or maybe be one of them. :p

Close your eyes and imagine yourself as a gypsy! xxx

and dance with me. :)

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