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Friday, January 25, 2013

Hi guys. I am back from the dead. I know, I know.. put down those eyebrows. lol

I am so sorry for my lack of post. I've been too gravely busy with so many things and I haven't really had the time to sit infront of the laptop and update y'all with my whereabouts. King has been keeping me on my toes for the last 3 months now and we've been busy catching up for those 8 long months that we had to be apart. So basically we've been busy cooking, kissing, cuddling (yknow the daily dose of cheese and whatnot) and just literally eating fattening foods. Wait, is butter a carb?lol

Srsly though, I'm just trying to enjoy life as it is and to not show it to the world just yet. Well atleast just shared it through my instagram most of the time. hehehe

Anyways, yesterday we went to MalacaƱang for my segment shoot. I went there with my boyfriend king and two other classmates Edric and Grace. People there were very kind and amazing  that they assisted us throughout the shoot. Big thanks to the stuff of Casa Roces!

So here's the stunning Casa Roces! I just used iphone pics here. :)

 We were greeted by this beautiful door.

Casa Roces is a two story casual-dining restaurant that caters to every foodie lovers out there of Filipino and Spanish cuisine. This used to be an old ancestral home of the Roces, where the National Artist for Literature Alejandro Roces lived. So basically this is just a renovated house turned into a restaurant by the family. Roces made sure that the original setup is kept from the wood flooring on the second floor to the heavy hardwood furniture pieces. They actually used some old newspaper for some parts of the ceiling. The interior setting was so divine I tell you. I was so inlove when I first came in that I kept bugging my boyfriend to just dine here on our anniversary but apparently we have other plans. hihi

If you want to see the interior of the Casa Roces' first floor please visit my keek video here.

And now for the second floor of the house (video keek here) where the rooms here were named after some of the newspaper companies that were owned by the roces clan.

One of my favorite room from the house.

And ofcourse the food.

I only had cereal for breakfast that day so right after the shoot I was so starving so I ordered a whole bunch of food just for myself. haha But ofcourse, I also shared some of them. :))

I ordered the Chef's special for today the Layered chocolate cake (ahhmaziing), waffle with blueberry (so-so), and fettuccine with blue cheese and dried mushrooms (yum!)

 Two waffles with honey and blueberry for only P170! :)
My favorite part! the dessert bar. :)

For the couples out there.. I suggest you guys to visit Casa Roces for a fine dining experience that is swak to your budget! xxx

In the meantime, I am catching up with my bitches tonight.

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