D.I.Y Microdermabrasion (a cure to thesis)

Sunday, February 17, 2013

Reposted this from my old blog.

Seriously thesis people.. we all need this! I am super stressed out with our thesis moreso, I am losing so much sleep. I just can't wait for this to be over so I could pamper myself and get back on my beauty routine.

I am no beauty guru, but if Anne Curtis could somehow manage to pretend she could sing for a day and had all her tickets sold out for her Araneta concert..  I think I can also pretend I'm a beauty guru. Right? and also, I have decided to do beauty DIY recipes for as many as I can. ha! so let's start.

First, what is Microdermabrasion?
"microdermabrasion is a cosmetic treatment that works to reduce acne scars, discoloration, fine lines, and other imperfections with the use of a mechanical tool and some type of solution. It is a non-surgical procedure that abrades less deeply than it's more intense cousin, the dermabrasion. While the two processes do have some similarities, the recovery time on a microdermabrasion is much less, making it more popular with people who are looking for an instant pick me up and brighter skin."

But unfortunately, having it done is shit expensive so this DIY recipe is the bomb!

Here goes..

First step: You have to clean your face first. I usually use the Ponds facial scrub everyday but however whenever I do this DIY microdermabrasion I just use this Perfect Whip from Shiseido. So I suggest you guys should use something as foamy as this and no scrubs please because this DIY recipe will do the scrubbing for you later.

After cleaning your face, make sure to use soft cloth to dry it.

Second step: You need a measuring 1/4 tsp, baking soda, a small bowl and water.
  • Put 1/4 tsp of baking soda, make it three times.
  • Measure just 1/4 tsp of water and mix it well.
REMEMBER: Don't go too overboard on the water, you are looking for a paste that you can pick up with your fingers and use as a scrub, 1/4 tsp of water should be enough.

So, once you have your paste, pat your face with water, don't wash it.. you just need to kinda wet the face. After that you can now apply the paste to your clean face and start gently scrubbing in a circular motion.

Keep adding the paste as needed, until you have really given yourself a good scrub on your entire face, as well as the the entire jaw line, which can be really prone to blemishes (according to the expert).

It's kinda stingy but don't panic, just relax and rinse with warm water.

The most important part is the Third step:  Moisturize. You need to put a moisturizer on your face to maintain the oil level on your face, cause exfoliating can leave your skin dry. So its really important that you should take this step.

I can honestly say that this one has got to be the best DIY recipe for skin that I have tried so far (thanks to Lauren Conrad). Now I can have my effortless exfoliating scrub at home. 

Try it too.. I swear, this will make your day!

I have tons of DIY recipes to share so stay tuned! :)
Good luck ladies and stay pretty. xxx

A Relish date on Hearts day! :)

Friday, February 15, 2013

I had a lovely dinner date tonight with this amazing guy. We finally get to try the foodies at RELISH . yay!

 We just saw this Relish restaurant randomly like a week ago (?) while we were driving around Tomas Morato.. and I was so stunned with the beauty of "Relish hello happiness" and got really curious/excited.

and so I said, baby? why don't we dine here for valentines? and he said okay. :))

The interior setting was amazeballs. I have to say it's actually one of the best I've ever been so far.. I love the chandelier.. the waiting lounge outside and the cute wallpaper inside the resto.

We were about to try the chicken kebab and roastbeef but they said they don't serve any ala carte menu for tonight.. just a set menu for Valentines day. So we said.. why not. :p

The waiting lounge. So gorgeous!
 My gwapo date tryna be goofy! lol

 It's quite hard to choose between the set menus of P850/person and P1,100/person!

We finally decided to get a...
Smoked salmon dip topped with caviar and melba toast for appetizer.
ceasar salad
Relish roasted chicken (main dish)
A sinful chocolate cake!
and a flight of red wine.
I liked the chicken.. actually just kinda so-so for me honestly.. I think it's missing something.. maybe it was too lemony for me or I don't know.. but my boyfriend loved it. Well, I liked the ceasar salad better and the chocolate cake! like omg.. they serve the most delicious chocolate cake ever! I almost died. lol

I didn't get to take a lot of pictures of the interior because the place was insanely jampacked. But nonetheless we both enjoyed the food and the ambiance. I love how the owner of the restaurant was very friendly (or maybe I just have a very talkative and crazy friendly boyfriend) and such a bombshell..

We will definitely go back to relish and try their other foodies as soon as their Ala carte menu will be made  available again. :p

Anyways, all I can say is that I feel crazy blessed for having the most amazing boyfriend ever that I will never ever trade for anything in this world! Happy hearts day everyone. xxx

A sweet gift from the owner of Relish. 

Red Velvet :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

I found myself craving for a red velvet cake or a cupcake for a whole week now.. and just randomly my boyfriend texted me earlier to buy him a cupcake (what a gay craving). And just when me and pauline are about to go out of the mall... We saw these really cute stalls of cakes and cupcakes and we immediately went gaga over these sweets and spotted these gorgeous cakes.

 I was actually about to buy the crinkles or the 8 cute pieces of mini chocolate cupcakes when I saw pauline buying these 3. So I said foine I changed my mind I'm gunna buy these instead. haha So I did. :))

I love how moist the cake was! but I'm just not quite sure about the frosting though...

I think they didn't use a cream cheese (?)
or if they did, they just probably put just a wee bit because it taste more of a buttercream.

Honestly, I was expecting for a better frosting though..

I don't why people would choose to use any other alternatives on a red velvet cake or cupcake instead of just using the cream cheese as it is.. because seriously, the secret to a wonderful red velvet is a luscious cream cheese!

but nonetheless it was fine!
well, my boyfriend liked it.

Especially the caramel cake. hihi

Anyways, the crukitchen  (and all other small bazaar shops of sweets) will be staying in Robinsons Magnolia until the 17th. So I'm tellin' ya don't miss the half of your life and just drop by there.. because there are loads of sweets to choose from and really totes affordable! :) 
I am definitely feeling the vibe of  LOVE month.  xxx

More sweets for me please!!!

Rue Bourbon

Thursday, February 7, 2013

So after we stuffed ourselves (kizzy, bbam, king and I) with Yellow cab's Fourseason pizza, hot wings, charlie chan and carbonara. We decided to chill for a moment in the newest bar at Eastwood, The "Rue Bourbon".

I heard it's Jodi Sta. Maria's 3rd branch already.. well, the bar was quite a Mardi Gras inspired. I really love the place and it kinda reminds me of the Beers Paradise interior they're quite alike actually the vibe and everything. But nontheless, their beers were amazeballs and different because it has flavors like Caramel beer and Apple beer.

My boyfriend.. enjoying his big ol glass of Caramel beer for only P260!!

Look at his smile.. :p

Kizzy and bbam ordered the Apple beer.

 While I ordered for this glass of Cranberry juice because I am classy like that. I don't drink beers. haha loljk but I don't know I was just maybe not in the mood for drinking these days.. maybe next time. lol

Anyways, my boyfriend promised me that the next time we visit here.. we will finally try their foods! I can't wait. hihi :p

A random recipe.

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I guess I was just bored tonight.. or probably hungry. Maybe a little bit of both.. so I've decided to invent my own recipe for eggnoodle. haha I've been thinking of ways on how to use these egg noodles that we have at home, because my boyfriend bought a whole pack when I was sick and we only used some of them and we're still left with a lot.. so tonight I just pretended to myself that I am a super chef and cooked my own pacham food haha.

I have no ingredients in mind so I just threw in whatever we have on the fridge. Like hotdogs, tapa, chicken strips with thyme, longganisa.. some onions (just a wee bit because I don't like it) and garlic.

I used 4 noodles. and cooked it for 3mins.
 I was actually thinking whether I'm gunna cook it as a panfried noodles or a buttery pasta.. So I just did both. haha I cooked everything in butter first. and I do believe that having a good quality of butter can get you a long way. ;)

 I cooked everything so its like an explosion of flavours.

then I stirred in the egg noodles.. and then I added one egg (plus salt and pepper to taste) and mixed everything.

Then the most exciting part.. PUTTING A LOT OF CHEESE!!! :D

I can honestly say that I did a great job. It turned out to be pretty yummy and different. I'm so proud of me. hihi Except that after pigging out in Wendy's with boyfie, I still had a dinner at home which is this.. so yup, I'm a totes fatass now. xxx

Today, we just turned one. :)

Yup today.. is our first anniversary! I still can't believe though that we've been together for a year now. It's totes crazy how time flies really fast. It seems like only yesterday when we first met and I wasn't really attracted to him (at first). But now all I can see is love.. this man.. his whole being is just perfection. I love him.. and what's more awesome than that? he loves me more.

Yknow the kind of love that gives you an assurance that together you'll stay forever? not the kind like you're just being delusional and you just wanna believe that finally this is it. Because I know and I'm sure that this is real, this is where I wanna be. This is where I belong.. with him and in this love. I am happy and contented and I honestly couldn't ask for more.. except maybe having to wake up everyday knowing that he would still be mine. That I am going to look at him the same way year after year.. still irrevocably and undeniably inlove with him. That we will always understand each other and help each other out through thick and thin. That we will always love each other like Bonnie and Clyde. That I will always feel his breath on my neck while he's hugging me and whispering "I love you" (that makes me shiver) That he will always be my man, my bestfriend, my enemy, my lover, my future, my wonderland. I love him and I guess.. this is love at it's finest perfection. A year of complete and utter happiness that I never had with anyone before. I guess it's true what they say though.. You just know when you have found the one. It just makes you poetic and crazy and really cheesy. Perhaps a little nonsense when you just can't stop.. like right now. lol Okay enough of the cheesiness, and my blabbing and let's do more blogging.

 Our original plan wasn't really like this.. well this, but not just this.. but since I was still sick (and not in the mood) and didn't want to go to Greenbelt or any malls that requires walking so we just had a lunch in Mister Miyagi (timog) earlier, were both craving for japanese so we tried their buffet. It was okay.. I didn't enjoy it much because apparently again.. I'm still sick, my terrible cold has lost all my tastebuds. Ekk! But nonetheless we're still planning for the part deux of our anniversary. :)

The place was fine for me.. didn't get to take pictures of the buffet table though because I didn't want to stand up because I wasn't feeling well so my boyfriend did everything for me. yay! :))

 Anyways.. I didn't eat that much (which I kinda regret) so when we went home I ordered a box of pizza just for myself and ate spaghetti which my dad prepared for our dinner. Yes, I'm such a fatass. whatevs!

 But all in all, it was a fuuuuun day and I can't wait to spend more years, more buffet and more fun times with this boy. Cheers! :)

How I know I Love You.

Monday, February 4, 2013

How I Know I Love You 
I know I love you because I want to get you soup when you’re sick. Not only do I want to get it for you, I want to make it for you so you can eat something made with love instead of with crushed insects and preservatives. 
I know I love you because I want to slap anyone who hurts you, even if it’s your boss. I want to hold you when you’re having a nightmare and kiss the spot that hurts when you bump into something. 
I know I love you because I want you to be healthy even when you’re not sick, and that’s why I keep bugging you to change your crappy eating ways even though I know you’re over hearing about it. 
I know I love you because I worry about the stuff only people who love you worry about, like the amount of quality sleep you get a night and how much you drink when you’re sad and whether you’re getting enough vitamin B. Like probably more than your mom does, I’m not sure she especially cares about vitamin B. 
I know I love you because I freak out when you’re obviously disintegrating yet too stubborn and too “I’m fine” to actually go to the doctor, even though I do that sort of thing myself.
I know I love you because I think you’re beautiful even when you’re not. And I don’t mean good-looking, I mean beautiful, beautiful like there’s something pervasive and magnetic about you that comes through even when you look positively bad. 
I think you’re beautiful even when you’re hungover and puking your guts out, covered in hives, or when half your face is purple and swollen because you decided to cosplay Fight Club and punched yourself in the eye too hard. I know I love you because I think you’re beautiful even when you’re wearing Crocs and that’s no small accomplishment.
I know I love you because I can’t abandon you, not even when you’re being a dick. Not even when you’re being ten dicks. Normally I don’t put up with that sort of behavior but I love you and I understand you’re stressed or frustrated or PMS-y so I’ll let it slide for a little bit. 
But I also love you enough to call you out on it when it gets to be too much. I know I love you because only people who love you care to say something about your bad behavior instead of saying nothing and just calling you an asshole behind your back.I know I love you because I want to listen, I really do. I don’t have anywhere to be that can’t wait for a while and I’m not checking my phone, in fact turned it off and buried it in the cushions the moment you said you needed me. 
I’m here for you and that other thing can wait.
I know I love you because I’m truly concerned with how your life turns out. It’s not just that I want you to “be happy” or attain that vague self-helpy “inner peace” bullshit we’re all supposed to aspire toward, I want you to express yourself and be fulfilled and feel like you’re living life for a good reason, not just passing the time. 
I want everything to work out for you the way it should and I want to be there for it, occasionally with champagne. 
And I’m genuinely convinced that I love you because I want to do things for you that I don’t want to do for anyone, ever. 
Examples: I’ll babysit your loud sticky children when you have them. I’ll bring you ice water and take care of you when you eat too much ecstasy like an idiot. I’ll even stand there patiently with a video camera as you attach piranhas to your nipples when you’re broke and trying to get on Jackass, all that and more. That’s how I know I love you, and I hope you know it too. TC Mark

Breathe again..

Sunday, February 3, 2013

Yes, I will breathe again. lol
Apparently, I am still sick for 5 days now and when I went to the doctor she told me I have an upper chest infection (I think) so I am taking antibiotics, the augmentin it'll be treating those bacterial infections inside my body. It's hard. And I am having troubles with my sleeping, breathing and eating. I hate being sick.. I hate this terrible cough and cold, as much as I hate taking tons of meds, and hate not being able to take bubble baths to relax my senses. My fever will never go lower than 37. 6 it's always between 38. 6 and 39. I feel like my body is giving up on me. I don't know how and when did I get this killer infection but I wish to be normal again..

(these are just some of them)

You wouldn't believe how many meds I am taking right now, and how I unfortunately lost my taste buds.. yknow what they say about losing your tastebuds-- that life would be much less flavourful. I HATE IT! I hate hate being sick and not being able to cuddle with my boyfriend. :'( Good thing, he won't even leave my side no matter what.

Tomorrow will be our first anniversary and he'll be sleeping over to my house tonight.. how sad that we had plans already but I'm such a sick poor baby so I think we'll have to pass and wait until I feel so much better. We'll just prolly plan for a post anniversary celebration... what a good way to celebrate a one year of happiness and love eh? this breaks my heart. </3

I've never looked and felt this terrible..

good thing I have this cute dvd player (that my boyfriend gave me) and my pink speaker and good ol' movies to make me feel so much better.

Pray for me.
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