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Tuesday, February 5, 2013

I guess I was just bored tonight.. or probably hungry. Maybe a little bit of both.. so I've decided to invent my own recipe for eggnoodle. haha I've been thinking of ways on how to use these egg noodles that we have at home, because my boyfriend bought a whole pack when I was sick and we only used some of them and we're still left with a lot.. so tonight I just pretended to myself that I am a super chef and cooked my own pacham food haha.

I have no ingredients in mind so I just threw in whatever we have on the fridge. Like hotdogs, tapa, chicken strips with thyme, longganisa.. some onions (just a wee bit because I don't like it) and garlic.

I used 4 noodles. and cooked it for 3mins.
 I was actually thinking whether I'm gunna cook it as a panfried noodles or a buttery pasta.. So I just did both. haha I cooked everything in butter first. and I do believe that having a good quality of butter can get you a long way. ;)

 I cooked everything so its like an explosion of flavours.

then I stirred in the egg noodles.. and then I added one egg (plus salt and pepper to taste) and mixed everything.

Then the most exciting part.. PUTTING A LOT OF CHEESE!!! :D

I can honestly say that I did a great job. It turned out to be pretty yummy and different. I'm so proud of me. hihi Except that after pigging out in Wendy's with boyfie, I still had a dinner at home which is this.. so yup, I'm a totes fatass now. xxx

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