Red Velvet :)

Monday, February 11, 2013

I found myself craving for a red velvet cake or a cupcake for a whole week now.. and just randomly my boyfriend texted me earlier to buy him a cupcake (what a gay craving). And just when me and pauline are about to go out of the mall... We saw these really cute stalls of cakes and cupcakes and we immediately went gaga over these sweets and spotted these gorgeous cakes.

 I was actually about to buy the crinkles or the 8 cute pieces of mini chocolate cupcakes when I saw pauline buying these 3. So I said foine I changed my mind I'm gunna buy these instead. haha So I did. :))

I love how moist the cake was! but I'm just not quite sure about the frosting though...

I think they didn't use a cream cheese (?)
or if they did, they just probably put just a wee bit because it taste more of a buttercream.

Honestly, I was expecting for a better frosting though..

I don't why people would choose to use any other alternatives on a red velvet cake or cupcake instead of just using the cream cheese as it is.. because seriously, the secret to a wonderful red velvet is a luscious cream cheese!

but nonetheless it was fine!
well, my boyfriend liked it.

Especially the caramel cake. hihi

Anyways, the crukitchen  (and all other small bazaar shops of sweets) will be staying in Robinsons Magnolia until the 17th. So I'm tellin' ya don't miss the half of your life and just drop by there.. because there are loads of sweets to choose from and really totes affordable! :) 
I am definitely feeling the vibe of  LOVE month.  xxx

More sweets for me please!!!

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