Rue Bourbon

Thursday, February 7, 2013

So after we stuffed ourselves (kizzy, bbam, king and I) with Yellow cab's Fourseason pizza, hot wings, charlie chan and carbonara. We decided to chill for a moment in the newest bar at Eastwood, The "Rue Bourbon".

I heard it's Jodi Sta. Maria's 3rd branch already.. well, the bar was quite a Mardi Gras inspired. I really love the place and it kinda reminds me of the Beers Paradise interior they're quite alike actually the vibe and everything. But nontheless, their beers were amazeballs and different because it has flavors like Caramel beer and Apple beer.

My boyfriend.. enjoying his big ol glass of Caramel beer for only P260!!

Look at his smile.. :p

Kizzy and bbam ordered the Apple beer.

 While I ordered for this glass of Cranberry juice because I am classy like that. I don't drink beers. haha loljk but I don't know I was just maybe not in the mood for drinking these days.. maybe next time. lol

Anyways, my boyfriend promised me that the next time we visit here.. we will finally try their foods! I can't wait. hihi :p

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