Sick princess.

Friday, February 1, 2013

*Cough cough sneezes*

What a good introduction to start up a blog post. Well hello there my friends. Yes, I am so sick for the last two days now, and I honestly feel like a big sexy ball of phlegm. Yuck! I know. 

Apparently, my body's natural defense against whatever flu isn't cooperating. So yeah, I've been infected by this so called annoying-flu-please get off my fab life-virus. I hate being sick.. I feel like a hobo with no make up and dried lips. I haven't even taken a bath for the last 2 days. (TMI) I hate it. Good thing, I have the sweetest boyfriend in the planet who's willing enough to take care of me. Yesterday he gave me a cold compress over my arms, back and legs. (I'm such a princess)

And just today I called him up early this morning and made him come to my house and the sweetest boy to the rescue made me this special Chinese noodle soup because I told him I was craving for a soup and so he did. It was so yummy!! I'm not even kidding. It opens my clogged nose, well the heat does at least. And it made me somehow sweat.. Oh welps, I guess what I'm trying to say here is that having someone beside you when you're sick is the very best thing about having a clogged nose, busted lips and a ridic messy hair. lol I luff you baby. :p


This flu has to go away tomorrow because I need to attend my thesis class.
and 3 days from now will be our first anniversary! I srsly need to look good on that day.

So please flu, get away from me.

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