Today, we just turned one. :)

Tuesday, February 5, 2013

Yup today.. is our first anniversary! I still can't believe though that we've been together for a year now. It's totes crazy how time flies really fast. It seems like only yesterday when we first met and I wasn't really attracted to him (at first). But now all I can see is love.. this man.. his whole being is just perfection. I love him.. and what's more awesome than that? he loves me more.

Yknow the kind of love that gives you an assurance that together you'll stay forever? not the kind like you're just being delusional and you just wanna believe that finally this is it. Because I know and I'm sure that this is real, this is where I wanna be. This is where I belong.. with him and in this love. I am happy and contented and I honestly couldn't ask for more.. except maybe having to wake up everyday knowing that he would still be mine. That I am going to look at him the same way year after year.. still irrevocably and undeniably inlove with him. That we will always understand each other and help each other out through thick and thin. That we will always love each other like Bonnie and Clyde. That I will always feel his breath on my neck while he's hugging me and whispering "I love you" (that makes me shiver) That he will always be my man, my bestfriend, my enemy, my lover, my future, my wonderland. I love him and I guess.. this is love at it's finest perfection. A year of complete and utter happiness that I never had with anyone before. I guess it's true what they say though.. You just know when you have found the one. It just makes you poetic and crazy and really cheesy. Perhaps a little nonsense when you just can't stop.. like right now. lol Okay enough of the cheesiness, and my blabbing and let's do more blogging.

 Our original plan wasn't really like this.. well this, but not just this.. but since I was still sick (and not in the mood) and didn't want to go to Greenbelt or any malls that requires walking so we just had a lunch in Mister Miyagi (timog) earlier, were both craving for japanese so we tried their buffet. It was okay.. I didn't enjoy it much because apparently again.. I'm still sick, my terrible cold has lost all my tastebuds. Ekk! But nonetheless we're still planning for the part deux of our anniversary. :)

The place was fine for me.. didn't get to take pictures of the buffet table though because I didn't want to stand up because I wasn't feeling well so my boyfriend did everything for me. yay! :))

 Anyways.. I didn't eat that much (which I kinda regret) so when we went home I ordered a box of pizza just for myself and ate spaghetti which my dad prepared for our dinner. Yes, I'm such a fatass. whatevs!

 But all in all, it was a fuuuuun day and I can't wait to spend more years, more buffet and more fun times with this boy. Cheers! :)

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