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Sunday, March 31, 2013

I am actually thinking of getting bangs again this summer.... hmmmm.

Any thoughts? xxx

Song do korean restaurant, Ortigas.

I can't pinpoint whether I like Song do restaurant more than Ye dang. But I think I enjoyed my dinner here at Song do more than Ye dang.. or actually they're just both the same.

Just my old photos..

I like korean restaurants because of their endless side dishes. But I don't eat kimchi though. I hayrett!

But my fave at the moment is this Don Day korean buffet restaurant at Teachers Village which my boyf introduced to me eversince we started dating. The food there was amazing and affordable! :)

Shinjuku Authentic Japanese ramen house @ Makati

This was just one of so many nights after drinking sessions in Makati we always opt for a ramen house to eat our drunken face. lol And I remember having a good bowl of authentic ramen at Shinjuki.

A big big bowl of overwhelming authentic ramen right infront of my face. Srsly....

But I can't remember the name of what I ordered though.. :p

Mine.. I can't remember the name! haha But this was very overwhelming I didn't finish this..

Chashu Men (Php 300)

Californa Maki.. My all time favorite sushi!! All mine. hahaha

Shinjuku has 3 branches in Makati I think.. so if you're looking for an authentic ramen house this is the place to be. The ramen ranges from 250 to 400+ depending on the ramen dishes and sizes. :)

Zao Vietnamese Bistro @ Eastwood.

ZAO eastwood-- There was a time in my life where all I ever wanted to eat was here. I got so addicted to zao's lychee juice that I keep coming back for more. Like I've been here one...two...three...four times if I'm not mistaken. I like Vietnamese food and Thai food like Pho Hoa, My Thai and Mango Tree Bistro. But Zao tops them all. Wait, lemme think about whether Zao really tops Mango Tree! (lol, yeah maybe)

A bit pricey but so worth the money! I swear. Best Vietnamese food for me so far.

My divine drink!! Lychee Tea (Php 125) bottomless. I always get full though because I think I drink more than I eat. haha This is so good.. I miss this lychee drink! I always ask the waiters where they bought this drink hoping I would score for an answer but they won't tell me. They would even say that they make them. I don't believe though. :(

Lemon grass chicken (Php 265)-- quite spicy.

 Crispy Spring Rolls (Php 195) -- best to eat wrapped in lettuce first before taking a bite! :)

BBQ Spareribs (Php 295) -- sweet and very tender. Always always dip it first to balance the taste.

Zao fried Rice (Php 195)-- with seafood and salted egg! So yummy..

Zao Satay Platter (Php 345)-- a platter of 2 pieces each – beef, chicken, pork, and shrimp satay lying on a bed of lettuce, comes with vinegar and grated carrot salad.

I love Zao and I can't remember any bad service while dining here. There's another Vietnamese restaurant that I would like to try in Tagaytay and it's called Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen. I heard a lot of good things about the restaurant and I can't wait to visit and try their foodies. xx

T.G.I Friday's!

(a very late post review)

What I miss.. what I really really miss about Friday's. just purely craving right meow. *claws

 Classic Mojito Php295 (bottomless)

Fried Mac n' cheese Php220 ---A new twist on an old favorite. Our irresistible blend of creamy cheeses and elbow macaroni pasta breaded and golden fried to perfection. Served w- Marinara sauce

My all time favorite for starters! So yummy and addicting.. and the marinara sauce compliments everything. Just simply perfect! :)

 Teriyaki Burger Php445-- A juicy burger basted with sweet soy teriyaki glaze and topped with crispy bacon melted american cheese, grilled pineapple, fresh lettuce, tomato and crisp noodles.

I like this burger.. well I always order for burgers though (and fries with bacon bits) whenever I visit Fridays and I can't remember finishing any of them. Because it was soooo good and so big! so I always get to cut them in half then bring home the other half. hehehe Except when I''m really really hungry. :p

Hooters MOA! :)

(a very late post hooters review)

Hooters-- not only they serve delicious burgers, chicken wings and exotic girls with boobs (?) but they also serve the most delicious draught beer that you could ever find here in Manila! (that's according to me. lol) I don't remember being in hooters and not having atleast 2 servings of these gorgeous big ol glass of draught beer. Yes, I was addicted to drinking beers before. Hello fat beer bellies! 

That was before though... before I went sober. lol
 I love how this one day old beer almost taste a little too sweet at the end. It has no bitter after taste at all.
Draft big daddy Php160

The food though was quite expensive like Chili's and Fridays.. a little bit more expensive I think but the serving was always good for sharing! But I can always eat my orders alone, thank you! lol
 Fish and Chips Php350

 Training burgers Php245

My all time favorite chicken wings Php375.. just pretend there's a photo. Haha Sorry didn't take a photo of it! Idk why... I think I have but I forgot where it went. But anyways I remember attacking it almost immediately before it gets cold. :))

They also sell different beers like this Heineken (Php255) over here.

Hooters is a very nice place to dine if you wanna hang out with good friends.. I went here thrice with my guy friends, and it was always fun! I'm sorry though but if you're looking for hot pretty girls.. they're only available in hooters abroad not in MOA. But if you dig exotic girls on skimpy orange shorts then you came to the right place. :))

Summer solstice! (D.I.Y skin recipes for summer)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thank God for the juices!

How can you even survive this heat? I mean... gahh.. it's so freakin hot in here! Me personally, I've been stuffing my face with these fresh cold juices that I could find at home. This summer heat is craaaay! Moreso, I'm dying of boredom here. I wish I could just do something productive while waiting for my OJT day to start. This is why I hate summer especially when there isn't any summer vacation plans. How can me and my friends even plan for a summer getaway when all of us would be hella busy for our OJT's?! I hayrett!

Good thing I can always quench my thirst with yummy juices such as this strawberry juice! and ofcourse, me almost sleeping inside our bathroom. *wink ;)

Me and my tired of heat face!!
and I never forget to re-hydrate my skin all the time.. you know the usual D.I.Y beauty regimens to avoid the dryness of your skin, hair and lips such as:
  • Cucumber slices to avoid chapped lips (cucumbers are 90% water! so it would instantly hydrates and refreshes your lips.)
  • Baking soda for your hair. (Mix a small amount of baking soda to your shampoo to clarify your hair and makes it more manageable.)
  • Oatmeal mask for acne prone skin, this would also help smoothens the skin. (mix oats, warm water and honey to make a paste, and apply to your face for 20-30mins)
I've been doing these cheap DIY beauty recipes for ages and it works wonders! Trust. :)

 just never forget to apply moisturizers though to have a happly looking skin. :)

Ho ho ho! xxx

D.I.Y ombre shorts for summer! ♥

Sunday, March 24, 2013

I finally did my ombre shorts that I've been planning to make since last year. Well, I think the delayed were just pretty right because it's just about time for summer! Hell yeah. :)

Okay without further ado.

Here's what you will need:

  • Fast dye colors (pink, purple, blue, yellow)
  • Rock salt
  • hot water
  • old denim shorts
  • gloves
  • bleach
  • bucket
  • hangers with clips
These white shorts were just my old denim pants that I've cut and bleached a long time ago.

(blog post here)

First: You gotta need to get a bucket.... pour hot water and the pink dye then add the salt and mix.
Dip the tip of the shorts until you get the desired color that you want.

I wanted mine to have a mild baby pink color so I didn't soak mine that much. I wanted a pastel color.

Second: Soak it upside down to your next desired color. Mine was purple.

I also did the Yellow over Blue ombre shorts.. :)

Rinse the shorts then dry!

It's that easy and super fun! TRY IT. You can also add studs if you want. :)

Tagaytay (late post)

Friday, March 22, 2013

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