A-gantea! (eastwood)

Saturday, March 16, 2013

I can honestly say that out of all the milk tea's I've ever tried including my own version (lol) this one has got to be the best I've ever had in ages! I am not even kidding. I love a gantea. <3

a gantea, was established in 2006 by Chairman Mr. Vincent Ho. First A-Gantea branch was opened in Feng Chia night market in Taichung, Taiwan. Brought to the Philippines by Qoola Phils Inc.

  • Tea is rich in anti-oxidants and can help slow down the aging process. 
  • It helps in repairing and regenerating new cells in the body. 
  • Tea lowers the risk of heart disease and stroke and improves cholesterol levels. 
  • Tea also contains fluoride and tannins that fight cavities and reduce plaque. 
  • Tea helps the body’s immune defences. 
  • Tea is also a good digestive aid after a meal. 
  • Tea protects against cancer and neurogical disorders.  

Anyways, so there's no more doubt why I am such a sucker for Tea. Good thing we found this new milk tea station (there's just something about Milk Tea stations that makes my eyes go sparkle! lol) while strolling around Eastwood and waiting for his friends to arrive.

I couldn't even choose between the Taro milk tea, Bubble milk tea and for the Pear fruit tea. They all look so tempting! 

But this boy right here made my life so much easier by ordering the Taro Milk Tea (non-Tea based) so we can share it! hehe 

While I ordered for the Bubble Milk Tea! yay. 

 Tell me how cool their que pager is!! it vibrates like cray. =))

Mine, The bubble Milk Tea- it has a kinda light taste of tea but rich in Milk. Their Tapioca was so yummy.

The Taro was so much yummy than the Taro of Gong cha! In all honesty though. I like this better. 
The ube was amazing and this got me and my boyfriend so effing addicted. 

Plus it's super affordable! Like bat shit affordable. xxx

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