Sunday, March 17, 2013

FINALLY. I've been wanting to do this for ages but my time won't allow me. You know how long it takes to prepare a bubble bath right? it takes time to set the bubbles and stuff. Good thing it's Sunday and I have tons of time to pamper myself. and so I relaxed my senses. :)

"I'm a mouse duh?!" :p #meangirlsquoted

My toiletries. I love the smell of Bouncia creamy body soap... it's my fave right now. Smells divine! :)

While this PINK thingy that I bought from Lush has a very weird smell after you put it.. It has a fruity smell but then right after you washed it, the whole bathroom would suddenly smell like a rotten fruit. boo! Maybe because it was made from natural ingredients such as fruits. I totally wouldn't recommend it. Good thing it was just a limited offer.

  1.  It feels good – this may sound a bit simplistic but the fact is that a bubble bath does all kinds of wonderful things for your skin and body when you are using the right products – and this is really important – the right products. Investing in the proper bubble bath solution ensures that you do not strip your skin of all the good stuff. Now back to feeling good … it just does. Steam, warm water, luscious odors – it is like a cocoon of feel good.

  2.  You can lock the bathroom door – I would also recommend a big sign on the door that says: Do not disturb unless you are bleeding. This is a perfect excuse for private time – YOU time. Lock the door and do not have one regret.

  3. You can think – An amazing thing occurred to me in the bathtub amongst my bubbles. I could think. Ponder think. I could think without having a phone attached to my ear, without looking at a computer screen, without cats jumping all over my desk – without distractions, I found a small piece of my mind that had been crushed by the cacophony of life and technology.

  4. You remember your toes – now this sounds a bit crazy but I looked at my toes. For the first time in ages, I had nothing better to do than contemplate my toes, think about lovely nail polish colors and confirm that I definitely need a spring is coming pedicure.

  5. You can listen to whatever music you would like – when is the last time that you got to lie back and listen to music? music is bliss when it comes from your very own playlist. Also, since the door is locked, you can sing and no one can stop you. HA!

  6. Bubble Baths are a good excuse to redecorate the bathroom – now that you are in the home spa bubble bath zone, the bathroom should be your own little oasis and what makes an oasis a happy place? SHOPPING! This is the perfect time to do a little makeover on the bathroom – a new paint color, some lovely new towels, a bubble bath robe, maybe even a towel warmer and, of course, all the accoutrements of Bubble Bathdom – a wee little pillow, candles and the BUBBLE BATH!

  7. Champagne tastes better in a Bubble Bath – so does red wine, lemonade, limeade, iced coffee, green tea or whatever else you decide to bring into your Bubble Bath Oasis. And you don’t have to share – not a bit.

I'm gunna share y'all one of my best kept beauty secrets/products that I use, since everyone has been asking me lately about what I use for my black heads--which I rarely get anyways. But whenever I get paranoid and just wanna pick out all those blackheads I use this charcoal masque that I bought from a Japanese store called Saizen. It works wonders plus it's totes affordable! You can buy this for only Php88! and Saizen stores are like hoes yknow.. it's everywhere! so it's not that hard to find. lol

Cheerios!! x

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