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Sunday, March 31, 2013

(a very late post hooters review)

Hooters-- not only they serve delicious burgers, chicken wings and exotic girls with boobs (?) but they also serve the most delicious draught beer that you could ever find here in Manila! (that's according to me. lol) I don't remember being in hooters and not having atleast 2 servings of these gorgeous big ol glass of draught beer. Yes, I was addicted to drinking beers before. Hello fat beer bellies! 

That was before though... before I went sober. lol
 I love how this one day old beer almost taste a little too sweet at the end. It has no bitter after taste at all.
Draft big daddy Php160

The food though was quite expensive like Chili's and Fridays.. a little bit more expensive I think but the serving was always good for sharing! But I can always eat my orders alone, thank you! lol
 Fish and Chips Php350

 Training burgers Php245

My all time favorite chicken wings Php375.. just pretend there's a photo. Haha Sorry didn't take a photo of it! Idk why... I think I have but I forgot where it went. But anyways I remember attacking it almost immediately before it gets cold. :))

They also sell different beers like this Heineken (Php255) over here.

Hooters is a very nice place to dine if you wanna hang out with good friends.. I went here thrice with my guy friends, and it was always fun! I'm sorry though but if you're looking for hot pretty girls.. they're only available in hooters abroad not in MOA. But if you dig exotic girls on skimpy orange shorts then you came to the right place. :))

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