Kitchen of Cakes and Coffee

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

I was late for school last friday for my 9am class, and unfortunately the traffic was insane and boyfie was a little too comfy sleeping in my room.. that I was a bit shy to wake him up. lol

But then I did. I said, baby we have to leave now! :))

So anyways..

when we arrived in school it was nearly 10:30am so we decided to just drive around in tomas morato and look for a place to eat.

We happen to see this cute little place called "Kitchen of cakes and coffee" and just decided to try their cakes since we were both craving for sweets that time (coz we just had a huge fight. lol)

It didn't disappoint us though. The cake was rich and fine.

I had the oreo cheesecake and he opted for a caramel chocolate cake, as usual.

I love the place. I think it was comfy and relaxing.
 too many cakes to choose from! yum...

they also sell breads.

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