Shinjuku Authentic Japanese ramen house @ Makati

Sunday, March 31, 2013

This was just one of so many nights after drinking sessions in Makati we always opt for a ramen house to eat our drunken face. lol And I remember having a good bowl of authentic ramen at Shinjuki.

A big big bowl of overwhelming authentic ramen right infront of my face. Srsly....

But I can't remember the name of what I ordered though.. :p

Mine.. I can't remember the name! haha But this was very overwhelming I didn't finish this..

Chashu Men (Php 300)

Californa Maki.. My all time favorite sushi!! All mine. hahaha

Shinjuku has 3 branches in Makati I think.. so if you're looking for an authentic ramen house this is the place to be. The ramen ranges from 250 to 400+ depending on the ramen dishes and sizes. :)

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