Starving my(fat)self.

Sunday, March 17, 2013

With the amount of food I've been stuffing myself for the past 3months (+14days) that my boyfriend was here... I gained a lot of weight. LIKE A LOT. I don't know.. I'ts just that me and my boyfriend always eat the best food. Always. He's my laffang partner and I just feel like I don't wanna lose those happy moments of sharing a good food with him just to eat a salad and try to be as skinny as what happened to Richard Parks in the movie- Life of Pi.

I get it okay? I've finally accepted the fact that I will never ever be a Victoria's Secret model. So where is my motivation to lose weight? what's the point? It's not like I get to hanky panky Adam Levine right? or even do a catwalk with sparkly wings.. lol

Seriously though ofcourse I need to lose weight, I have to! not just for the sake of it but for myself and for my health. I honestly feel like a big fat bear now.. so I decided to lose pounds for as much as I can before the summer starts.

I started off with this fresh salad as soon as my boyfriend left that morning. I was that furious about losing weight. :p

I also started buying my usual diet foodies.

I don't eat rice (for the last 3 days now) but I always make sure to eat what I want during the lunch time and then back to my diet every morning and dinner. Kinda hard yeah., but I'm adjusting to it and I can't wait to get back on my beach body in no time! :p

I prepared this for my lunch last friday. Tuna sandwich, a half chicken hotdog and carbonara. (cheating) :p

I will get back on my zumba and belly dancing.
and I'll prolly do yoga too every morning.
YAY GO ME! :))

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