Summer solstice! (D.I.Y skin recipes for summer)

Saturday, March 30, 2013

Thank God for the juices!

How can you even survive this heat? I mean... gahh.. it's so freakin hot in here! Me personally, I've been stuffing my face with these fresh cold juices that I could find at home. This summer heat is craaaay! Moreso, I'm dying of boredom here. I wish I could just do something productive while waiting for my OJT day to start. This is why I hate summer especially when there isn't any summer vacation plans. How can me and my friends even plan for a summer getaway when all of us would be hella busy for our OJT's?! I hayrett!

Good thing I can always quench my thirst with yummy juices such as this strawberry juice! and ofcourse, me almost sleeping inside our bathroom. *wink ;)

Me and my tired of heat face!!
and I never forget to re-hydrate my skin all the time.. you know the usual D.I.Y beauty regimens to avoid the dryness of your skin, hair and lips such as:
  • Cucumber slices to avoid chapped lips (cucumbers are 90% water! so it would instantly hydrates and refreshes your lips.)
  • Baking soda for your hair. (Mix a small amount of baking soda to your shampoo to clarify your hair and makes it more manageable.)
  • Oatmeal mask for acne prone skin, this would also help smoothens the skin. (mix oats, warm water and honey to make a paste, and apply to your face for 20-30mins)
I've been doing these cheap DIY beauty recipes for ages and it works wonders! Trust. :)

 just never forget to apply moisturizers though to have a happly looking skin. :)

Ho ho ho! xxx

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