WENSHA (antipolo)

Tuesday, March 5, 2013

Today is our 13th month anniversary and I decided to treat him to a SPA. Yes, I just wanted to treat him before he leaves. So I planned for this day and we went out to our favorite spa place.. Wensha! :) It seems like only yesterday when we had our very first date at Wensha near MOA and now we are celebrating our 13th month of being together. I am happy and mostly contented that I get to be with him during our special days like this (atleast for a couple of monthsary dates) but whatevs! I'm still happy that right now, right at this moment, I will be with him until the 14th of this month. Yeahh... it's time to say bye2x again and we'll try to live separately again for 9months. </3 I will definitely miss this boy so much.. but then he gotta do what he gotta do. And I just have to wait for him just like the last time.

Anyways, yeah.. wensha. I love wensha but I didn't enjoy much of my stay here.. don't get me wrong. Ofcourse, I love the place.. I think it's cozy and romantic. But I don't like the food. It was too plain and nothing spectacular. The Jacuzzi was too hot! like burning hot that no one could even dip and relax in there. The steam bath was ridiculously suffocating that I had to go out after nearly 4mins. The massage was kind of a life saver but still.. I had better ones. It was a fail. I don't know whether it's just me or just because it's Monday but whatever.. still. We paid P780 each (+ tips), don't we deserve the same service they offer every weekends? yknow just like in Wensha Pasay, where I honestly had a really good time. The food there was amazing and the place was so huge. The massage was very relaxing. I think wensha antipolo should really improve a lot about everything (the food, the service, the massage, the jacuzzi. etc).

Great view!

 But you know nonetheless, I still had a great time knowing I'm with the best guy. :p


My sweetest ate just gave me chocolates and stuff! :))

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