Zao Vietnamese Bistro @ Eastwood.

Sunday, March 31, 2013

ZAO eastwood-- There was a time in my life where all I ever wanted to eat was here. I got so addicted to zao's lychee juice that I keep coming back for more. Like I've been here one...two...three...four times if I'm not mistaken. I like Vietnamese food and Thai food like Pho Hoa, My Thai and Mango Tree Bistro. But Zao tops them all. Wait, lemme think about whether Zao really tops Mango Tree! (lol, yeah maybe)

A bit pricey but so worth the money! I swear. Best Vietnamese food for me so far.

My divine drink!! Lychee Tea (Php 125) bottomless. I always get full though because I think I drink more than I eat. haha This is so good.. I miss this lychee drink! I always ask the waiters where they bought this drink hoping I would score for an answer but they won't tell me. They would even say that they make them. I don't believe though. :(

Lemon grass chicken (Php 265)-- quite spicy.

 Crispy Spring Rolls (Php 195) -- best to eat wrapped in lettuce first before taking a bite! :)

BBQ Spareribs (Php 295) -- sweet and very tender. Always always dip it first to balance the taste.

Zao fried Rice (Php 195)-- with seafood and salted egg! So yummy..

Zao Satay Platter (Php 345)-- a platter of 2 pieces each – beef, chicken, pork, and shrimp satay lying on a bed of lettuce, comes with vinegar and grated carrot salad.

I love Zao and I can't remember any bad service while dining here. There's another Vietnamese restaurant that I would like to try in Tagaytay and it's called Bawai's Vietnamese Kitchen. I heard a lot of good things about the restaurant and I can't wait to visit and try their foodies. xx

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