Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh gosh. How I missed blogging. If I could just make love to my blog right now, I would. (pun intended)

Well, to whoever still reads this space-- I've been sorta busy lately.. yknow the OJT and a lot of shiz thats been going on with my life right now that I can't even seem to make any time to sit infront of the laptop and type out my whereabouts. I know I know.. thank God for the busy days.. woohoo! currently I'm finishing half of my OJT at wow fm under Mr. Fu's segment (8-11am) I can honestly say that though most of the time I am so bored to the core doing basically nothing at the station.. atleast with all my guts I can honestly say that I am having a lot of fun in there! People there were so kind and approachable that eventhough I don't usually talk to them (because I am naturally shy and quiet) they would initiate the conversation first just so I would feel comfortable which I do appreciate a lot. Thanks you guys! :)

Anyways. Just recently we had Ethel Booba on our show as our celebrity guest for the month of April. She was so funny! Like I was literally laughing out loud and banging my head. lol She's witty and natural.

Ethel and Mr. Fu

I so love her pink dress!!

Anyhoo... For a more brief updates-- I started to write on my "OJT DIARY" that I need to pass right after I've completed my 400 ojt hours. I currently finished 58 hrs.. so I'm off for a thousand more. haha yay goodluck to me! :))
I so love my newly bought Diary notebook and ballpens. hihi very pink and shabby chic!
While, I'm still trying my best to somehow finish these books that I bought recently at the Fully booked. But I think it would be very impossible at the moment because I am reading something on my iphone now and its called "One week Girlfriend" and it's sequel the "Second Chance boyfriend" it's so good I wanna cry!
But this book "Bought" by Anna David is a pretty interesting book that I just can't can't wait to finish reading! I'm on the 6th chapter now and I'm hoping to find more time so I can devoured this juicy book completely.

If there's anything more interesting that any of these updates that would be... ME finding my very first victory group. Yay go me! It was all because of the grace of God that I have finally found the right group for me so I would be closer to Him and know Him more. Next week I am more than happy to announce that I will be devoting my time to be a volunteer teacher for the kids! I love kids and I just can't wait to be around them. :)

Love & Blessings! xxx

Caffe Ti-Amo

Sunday, April 14, 2013

After our Toastbox dinner.. we went to Caffe Ti-Amo for lovely desserts. The only reason why I want to hang-out yesterday because I really really want to try this! haha

lovely gelato!!

I ordered for Honey bread (Php 120) with two small scoops of gelato.. blueberry cheesecake and tiramisu!
while Andi ordered for two scoops of gelato (Php 95) I actually wanted to order for a pot of Tea but I was still overwhelmed with the Toastbox's ugly Tea. So I might try it next time.


I had a spontaneous night with my ever fashionable friend Andi. We met up at Starbucks Glorrietta and then greenbelt where we visited some of the luxurious shops like LV, Gucci, Hermes, Prada, Jimmy Choo and all the like. Day dreamings about endless shoppings someday when we get a high paying job. haha

Then we look for something to eat and then decided to try this new singaporean snack place called the Toastbox at Greenbelt 5.

Very cozy and cute place to hang out with friends!

I really don't know what to order.. but then this one caught my curiosity and so I ordered for the Luncheon meat noodles (weird right?) I was opting for the kaya toast but this one looks so tempting so I swear on my life that I'm gunna try the kaya toast next time! :))

 Got this for (Php 145)

Add 30 pesos and you'll get an Iced Tea! I was surprised by this Iced Tea though.. The tea flavour was so strong that you couldn't even dare yourself to drink it up. I had to ask the waiter to please add some water because the tea was too strong and tasted somewhat bitter. Nonetheless, after adding water.. Andi and I didn't finish this Iced Tea. It was pointless and hopeless. I love teas but this one was ridic ugly.

 Andi was starving and ordered for Hainanese Chicken Rice (Php 298 for 1/2 chicken with rice and soup) add 30 for an Iced Tea.

After our dinner at Toastbox we went to Caffe Ti-Amo for some lovely gelato. :)

Made in Candy

Saturday, April 6, 2013

We saw this cute little store of candies while frolicking around Rockwell after our High Tea. At first we thought it was just beads.. but then we took a closer look... it was actually candies! cute hand made candies.. How awesome!

So what is this Made in Candy?

Created in Singapore in the year 2009, the idea grew from with our obsession to candy as kids. Growing up meant reliving these childhood memories was to come in a form of making our dream come true in starting Asia’s first independent candy kitchen and sculpting authentic hand-made candies for you.

Since then, we have had millions of candies melt on the palates of many of our customers who love the candies we make. To us nothing is more important than the customers who have made us, shaped us and all we’ve created for. Whether these are our usual retail range, small personalized designs or large corporate orders, we make the candy with the same enthusiasm and spunk that make up each MIC Candy craftsman.

I knew I wanted to try these hand made candies just by the looks of it! It was too cute to ignore.. So I bought a small jar that has around 20 small hand made candies for (Php 90) probably the most expensive I've ever paid for candies. haha small candies take note!

 But it was all worth it because it's sooooo yummy!! it has different flavors and an art in every tiny bit of these candies. Look it has panda, rainbow, heart, flowers etc! how creative and really lovely. :)

When every piece of candy is different and unique, you somehow know that what we are creating something really special. While the candy forms, this little journey of smells, action, taste and reaction begins to fill your very experience to our art of candy making.

We pride ourselves for creating the many tastes, textures and artworks in our candies that surprise even those who thought they’ve seen it all. Come down to our little candy kitchens and see us work our magic to titillate senses and invoke that new imagination through our performances.

I actually wanted to go back to Rockwell just to buy more of these! It's my new fave now. :))

Made in Candy branch, soon to open at SM Megamall.

Mr. Jones Greenbelt

After our Luxe High Tea at TWG Rockwell... Pauline had to leave early because of her curfew.. So me and Andi decided to stay a little bit longer to have some dinner at Mr. Jones! I've always wanted to try their tapas and finally yesterday, I did. :))

I so love Mr. Jone's interior, it's so vintage retro diner kind of style.. and I dig anything that is vintage... 
so there's no doubt I wanna eat here!

Mr. Jones are known for their Tapa and yummy milkshakes! But were so full already (the teas and stuff) so we didn't order for more drinks like milkshake. Maybe next time though! :))

I ordered for the Garlic Tapa Overload (Php 295 + service charge = P320)
I was really on the verge of a food coma because I just ate a food good for 2 persons.

Overwhelming tapa strips, 2 eggs, garlic chips, vinegar and radish.

I don't know what's wrong with the tapa but it was not as tender as I expected it. I had a hard time chewing. But it was great though and not bad for the price. I wish I shared it with someone though and not eat all of these fatty goodness. *buuuuurp

For Andi-- Honey Drizzled Fried Chicken and Homemade Biscuits (Php 450)
Andi didn't finish this too.. haha It was too sweet and a little weird.

Maybe we should try the burgers next time and the milkshake! Anyways Andi wanted to visit here again din nman because of the good looking attendants at Mr. Jones such as Rafael? right andi? hahaha you so landi! :))

WE both had a great time! Yay. xxx

TWG Rockwell

Yesterday me and my two other girlfriends Andi and Pauline visited the newly opened TWG at Rockwell for my mini late birthday celebration. lol We were actually supposed to have this tea party at Greenbelt because I already made my reservations there at 4pm (for 3 people) but when we checked the place it was still jam-packed with so many people... so we had no other choice but to have our tea time at rockwell's branch instead.

Nonetheless, kudos to the twg greenbelt staff for calling me on the phone around 4:15pm just to tell us that there were seats already made available for us, but too late though because we were already seated at Rockwell's twg when they called. Still it was such a sweet gesture. <3

(WARNING: Photo-heavy post, so bear with me.)

Anyways, we all know that High Teas are always meant to be shared with your closest friends, preferably girls to have some girl on girl bonding, talking endlessly about boys, fashion, shoes or life as it is. It was an old tradition eversince the victorian times and still very much enjoyed by many women today just for the sole purpose of bonding, chit-chats, a mandatory raising of pinkies while enjoying the aromas of rich teas. :)

TWG is a luxurious tea brand by The Wellness Group and was established in Singapore last 2007. They have the largest collection of fine teas ranging from 800-1,000 different teas. Amazeballs! They only have about 450 teas in store though, but still... so many to choose from.

Sample of Teas
They gave us 2 set of menus for teas and food and then one thick book about TEAs.

our place.

My two lovely date! hello Pauline and Andi :))

I ordered Two sets of High Tea for the three of us, The Chic and Fortune.


 I ordered for Love Me Tea (Php 195 + 10% service charge)
- Since I need some lovin because I miss my boyfriend. haha The Tea was great actually but needed a little bit of sugar if you're not a fan of a strong tea flavor. Although for me, it needed to steep a little more.

 I died over their cute porcelain and gold plated tea pots! (Php 22k) So expensive. haha

 Pauline got this one. I was suggesting that she should order for the chocolate earl grey but it wasn't available at the moment. boo! So the attendant suggested this one.. A chocolate thing with a minty flavor. Weird but was actually good too if you're a fan of Chocolates and mint teas!

Andi opted for Geisha Tea-- I love the citrusy smell of this one and I actually got 2 cups from andi. hehehe and we were actually joking about this the whole time saying it suits andi (Gay sha!) lol

One pot= 5 cups by the way.


Almon Marina

Thursday, April 4, 2013

I had a light hearty gourmet dinner today at Almon Marina..... alone. It sucks to be all alone while you're having dinner but at the same time it was good because I always use my alone time to reflect on things and reflecting about your own life is always good for the soul. Hence, to experience it with good food. xxx

I called my boyfriend on the phone today
and boy it was good just to hear his voice. *kilig!

Cupcake lab (Podium)

Today, I met up with one of the most incredible girlies that I have ever met in my entire life.. one of my few best friends, Jho. I looove this girl and it's been a long time since we hang-out like this. And it feels good to be reunited with good friends after not seeing each other for ages. We talked about endless things and laughed as hard as we could just reminiscing about the boys we dated... haha (you know who the two M and M's. lol) and how crazy we were at that time, or even sorry that we dated those two. Ohh welps.. good old memories that we'll always give our best laughs to.. =))

But anyways, we met at Podium and tried this new cupcake lab  at Podium. Jho opted for starbucks and a cookie while I dig for this moist red velvet cupcake! It was heaven... so amazingly yummy.
 Red velvet (Php 70)
Super moist and the frosting was good! it was cream cheese! Like real cream cheese with powdered sugar and not like the ones with butter cream frostings. This one was so good! 

I know... look look.. Look how fat I've gotten. As we all know though... "Calories are tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night".... But for me cupcakes are just gorgeous calories that I just can't say NO to!! ♥

I wanted actually to try the tiramisu, and the smores cupcake but I got so full already and guilty that I didn't order for more. But most definitely I am going back to cupcakelab (very soon) to try other cupcakes! Hence, the wildflour cafe will be opening this coming MAY... so I am really excited! No more going to The Fort for wildflour. hihi Awesome! x 

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