Cupcake lab (Podium)

Thursday, April 4, 2013

Today, I met up with one of the most incredible girlies that I have ever met in my entire life.. one of my few best friends, Jho. I looove this girl and it's been a long time since we hang-out like this. And it feels good to be reunited with good friends after not seeing each other for ages. We talked about endless things and laughed as hard as we could just reminiscing about the boys we dated... haha (you know who the two M and M's. lol) and how crazy we were at that time, or even sorry that we dated those two. Ohh welps.. good old memories that we'll always give our best laughs to.. =))

But anyways, we met at Podium and tried this new cupcake lab  at Podium. Jho opted for starbucks and a cookie while I dig for this moist red velvet cupcake! It was heaven... so amazingly yummy.
 Red velvet (Php 70)
Super moist and the frosting was good! it was cream cheese! Like real cream cheese with powdered sugar and not like the ones with butter cream frostings. This one was so good! 

I know... look look.. Look how fat I've gotten. As we all know though... "Calories are tiny creatures that live in your closet and sew your clothes a little bit tighter every night".... But for me cupcakes are just gorgeous calories that I just can't say NO to!! ♥

I wanted actually to try the tiramisu, and the smores cupcake but I got so full already and guilty that I didn't order for more. But most definitely I am going back to cupcakelab (very soon) to try other cupcakes! Hence, the wildflour cafe will be opening this coming MAY... so I am really excited! No more going to The Fort for wildflour. hihi Awesome! x 

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