Happy 23rd self! :)

Tuesday, April 2, 2013

Yep, I just turned 23 today. and I am still accepting birthday money donations for the rest of the week.. Thank you! :)) Oh and unfortunately, I'd be talking about myself in this post. Just ramblings and rants actually. hey, it's my birthday so you have to endure it and I need your 100% attention/sympathy perhaps. Because I should be the diva and hence, you're in my blog. lol I know right. I'm so vain... *cough* and no shame.
ha! anyways, so this day turned out to be pretty boring. Well, don't get me wrong.. I looove all the attention I get from my facebook wall, I mean.. friends greeting me happy birthday, wishing me all the best yada yada and pretending they really know my birthday even without the facebook notification on the upper right corner of their page. Well thank you facebook nonetheless for reminding my friends. =))

As I was saying.. this day was pretty dead. I woke up as early as 7am in the morning (to my baby's birthday message! sweet) and to bake my au gratin potatoes which turned out to be pretty good and I also had some errands outside to pick up birthday money (yay!), buy stuff from the groceries and a quick pig out at Jollibee! I actually had some plans already from weeks ago with my friends but things got complicated due to hectic scheds so I decided to move it this coming 4th of april. 

So I had no other choice but to cook as much as I want from making spaghetti, mushroom gravy with beef patties, frying chickens, toasting baguette with butter all day long and pretending that my birthday is happening. It sucks! I know.. every sense of the word gives meaning to my emotional messy self. Although I wasn't actually feeling well today due to my abnormal sudden change of cycle (I should have been a boy!). This is why I hate having birthdays on summer! Everyone is getting a little busy about their own shit. And I always always end up being alone. (*stamps foot*) Not that I am having a mega self pity moment here and couldn't really carry on alone, I love having my "me" time and I love my own company... it's just that I don't know. I guess.... I just miss my boyfriend a lot. And it's times like this when I needed him the most. I miss him being around me, talking nonsense things and just being there for me. Talking, teasing, kissing me, giving me a hug, lifting my spirit whenever I'm down, and saying everything is gunna be okay. *sigh

I hate being melo dramatic but I just miss him like crazy.. he's like my bestfriend. 
And I know that this day would be a lot more awesome if he was here.

Much more if my twin sister was here.. I miss her darn much too.


Anyhoo to wrap this up.. I am still very fortunate that God has given me 23 years of my life that I would never ever trade for anyone elses life. Though, I'm not sure what I feel about being 23 years old (emphasis on the old) But I'd have to reflect on that maybe...

But as of now.. that's just about it.

Thank you for bearing with a 23 year old rants.
Ew, I should get used to calling myself that age. xx

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