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Saturday, April 6, 2013

After our Luxe High Tea at TWG Rockwell... Pauline had to leave early because of her curfew.. So me and Andi decided to stay a little bit longer to have some dinner at Mr. Jones! I've always wanted to try their tapas and finally yesterday, I did. :))

I so love Mr. Jone's interior, it's so vintage retro diner kind of style.. and I dig anything that is vintage... 
so there's no doubt I wanna eat here!

Mr. Jones are known for their Tapa and yummy milkshakes! But were so full already (the teas and stuff) so we didn't order for more drinks like milkshake. Maybe next time though! :))

I ordered for the Garlic Tapa Overload (Php 295 + service charge = P320)
I was really on the verge of a food coma because I just ate a food good for 2 persons.

Overwhelming tapa strips, 2 eggs, garlic chips, vinegar and radish.

I don't know what's wrong with the tapa but it was not as tender as I expected it. I had a hard time chewing. But it was great though and not bad for the price. I wish I shared it with someone though and not eat all of these fatty goodness. *buuuuurp

For Andi-- Honey Drizzled Fried Chicken and Homemade Biscuits (Php 450)
Andi didn't finish this too.. haha It was too sweet and a little weird.

Maybe we should try the burgers next time and the milkshake! Anyways Andi wanted to visit here again din nman because of the good looking attendants at Mr. Jones such as Rafael? right andi? hahaha you so landi! :))

WE both had a great time! Yay. xxx

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