Monday, April 22, 2013

Oh gosh. How I missed blogging. If I could just make love to my blog right now, I would. (pun intended)

Well, to whoever still reads this space-- I've been sorta busy lately.. yknow the OJT and a lot of shiz thats been going on with my life right now that I can't even seem to make any time to sit infront of the laptop and type out my whereabouts. I know I know.. thank God for the busy days.. woohoo! currently I'm finishing half of my OJT at wow fm under Mr. Fu's segment (8-11am) I can honestly say that though most of the time I am so bored to the core doing basically nothing at the station.. atleast with all my guts I can honestly say that I am having a lot of fun in there! People there were so kind and approachable that eventhough I don't usually talk to them (because I am naturally shy and quiet) they would initiate the conversation first just so I would feel comfortable which I do appreciate a lot. Thanks you guys! :)

Anyways. Just recently we had Ethel Booba on our show as our celebrity guest for the month of April. She was so funny! Like I was literally laughing out loud and banging my head. lol She's witty and natural.

Ethel and Mr. Fu

I so love her pink dress!!

Anyhoo... For a more brief updates-- I started to write on my "OJT DIARY" that I need to pass right after I've completed my 400 ojt hours. I currently finished 58 hrs.. so I'm off for a thousand more. haha yay goodluck to me! :))
I so love my newly bought Diary notebook and ballpens. hihi very pink and shabby chic!
While, I'm still trying my best to somehow finish these books that I bought recently at the Fully booked. But I think it would be very impossible at the moment because I am reading something on my iphone now and its called "One week Girlfriend" and it's sequel the "Second Chance boyfriend" it's so good I wanna cry!
But this book "Bought" by Anna David is a pretty interesting book that I just can't can't wait to finish reading! I'm on the 6th chapter now and I'm hoping to find more time so I can devoured this juicy book completely.

If there's anything more interesting that any of these updates that would be... ME finding my very first victory group. Yay go me! It was all because of the grace of God that I have finally found the right group for me so I would be closer to Him and know Him more. Next week I am more than happy to announce that I will be devoting my time to be a volunteer teacher for the kids! I love kids and I just can't wait to be around them. :)

Love & Blessings! xxx

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