Sunday, April 14, 2013

I had a spontaneous night with my ever fashionable friend Andi. We met up at Starbucks Glorrietta and then greenbelt where we visited some of the luxurious shops like LV, Gucci, Hermes, Prada, Jimmy Choo and all the like. Day dreamings about endless shoppings someday when we get a high paying job. haha

Then we look for something to eat and then decided to try this new singaporean snack place called the Toastbox at Greenbelt 5.

Very cozy and cute place to hang out with friends!

I really don't know what to order.. but then this one caught my curiosity and so I ordered for the Luncheon meat noodles (weird right?) I was opting for the kaya toast but this one looks so tempting so I swear on my life that I'm gunna try the kaya toast next time! :))

 Got this for (Php 145)

Add 30 pesos and you'll get an Iced Tea! I was surprised by this Iced Tea though.. The tea flavour was so strong that you couldn't even dare yourself to drink it up. I had to ask the waiter to please add some water because the tea was too strong and tasted somewhat bitter. Nonetheless, after adding water.. Andi and I didn't finish this Iced Tea. It was pointless and hopeless. I love teas but this one was ridic ugly.

 Andi was starving and ordered for Hainanese Chicken Rice (Php 298 for 1/2 chicken with rice and soup) add 30 for an Iced Tea.

After our dinner at Toastbox we went to Caffe Ti-Amo for some lovely gelato. :)

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