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Saturday, April 6, 2013

Yesterday me and my two other girlfriends Andi and Pauline visited the newly opened TWG at Rockwell for my mini late birthday celebration. lol We were actually supposed to have this tea party at Greenbelt because I already made my reservations there at 4pm (for 3 people) but when we checked the place it was still jam-packed with so many people... so we had no other choice but to have our tea time at rockwell's branch instead.

Nonetheless, kudos to the twg greenbelt staff for calling me on the phone around 4:15pm just to tell us that there were seats already made available for us, but too late though because we were already seated at Rockwell's twg when they called. Still it was such a sweet gesture. <3

(WARNING: Photo-heavy post, so bear with me.)

Anyways, we all know that High Teas are always meant to be shared with your closest friends, preferably girls to have some girl on girl bonding, talking endlessly about boys, fashion, shoes or life as it is. It was an old tradition eversince the victorian times and still very much enjoyed by many women today just for the sole purpose of bonding, chit-chats, a mandatory raising of pinkies while enjoying the aromas of rich teas. :)

TWG is a luxurious tea brand by The Wellness Group and was established in Singapore last 2007. They have the largest collection of fine teas ranging from 800-1,000 different teas. Amazeballs! They only have about 450 teas in store though, but still... so many to choose from.

Sample of Teas
They gave us 2 set of menus for teas and food and then one thick book about TEAs.

our place.

My two lovely date! hello Pauline and Andi :))

I ordered Two sets of High Tea for the three of us, The Chic and Fortune.


 I ordered for Love Me Tea (Php 195 + 10% service charge)
- Since I need some lovin because I miss my boyfriend. haha The Tea was great actually but needed a little bit of sugar if you're not a fan of a strong tea flavor. Although for me, it needed to steep a little more.

 I died over their cute porcelain and gold plated tea pots! (Php 22k) So expensive. haha

 Pauline got this one. I was suggesting that she should order for the chocolate earl grey but it wasn't available at the moment. boo! So the attendant suggested this one.. A chocolate thing with a minty flavor. Weird but was actually good too if you're a fan of Chocolates and mint teas!

Andi opted for Geisha Tea-- I love the citrusy smell of this one and I actually got 2 cups from andi. hehehe and we were actually joking about this the whole time saying it suits andi (Gay sha!) lol

One pot= 5 cups by the way.


The Chic set (Php 500 + 10% service charge)

 comes with clotted cream and tea jelly.

 A choice of Two scones or muffins.

Foie gras, Chicken with cream cheese infused with Comptoir des Indes Tea, Cucumber with cream cheese infused with Earl Grey Fortune at the bottom tier.

The Fortune set (Php 650 + 10% service charge)
Lol Hi Pauline, she's not included though if you wanna order the fortune set, sorry! :))

comes with three macarons. (me not included)
 One patisserie, we want the singaporean specialty cake (me not included)

TWG Tea Croque Imperial-- Warm toasted sandwich with Emmental cheese and smoked salmon, served with a delicate green salad and house vinaigrette.

Enjoying their Teas! :)

Me and my mandatory raising of pinky! :))

 Yummy pastries.

The TWG boutique

You can buy these cute finds at TWG while waiting for the food or after, I've been wanting to buy these candles but sew expensive!!

You can visit TWG Greenbelt 5 and the newly opened TWG Rockwell. :)

Tea time is from 3:00-6:00pm only.

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