Let's talk about scent.

Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I have a pretty sensitive nose. Sometimes I hate putting on perfume, sometimes I really do love to bathe in perfume. lol Depends really on my mood. But I think perfumes are dagdag alindog points especially for men. I think boys should understand the importance of having a good perfume that can attract girls. Luckily, my boy knows how to smell so good even without a perfume. :))

Anyhoo, I used to love Gucci II perfume and Bvlgari but I grew tired on it and switched to many perfumes I've already lost count on. But lately, I'm using Samourai perfume for girls, actually it's just an Au De Toilette kind that's why it has a really mild scent -- just the way I like them, I had two bottles before this "Dela Riche" (click the link to see how gorgeous this perfume is) and as you can see it's almost half empty so I practically begged my Mom to buy me new ones.. which she did btw! :))

Now I'm currently using these guys over here.. most especially the AQUA SAVON and L'OCCITANE.

The Aqua Savon has a very beach feeling to it hence the name "aqua", it has a mild refreshing scent while the L'Occitane has a very girly smell that I really like. :)

Nail Art

Sunday, May 19, 2013

 My mom bought all of these for my nails. And just last night I decided to give it a try. :)

I love doing nail art for my own nails. It was kinda hard at first but if you have a lot of passion for art you can pretty much perfect it and won't need to go to a nail spa anymore just to fix your nails. 

Last night I did put a pink bling because if you're in doubt, add more glitters. hahaha 

I love anything pink and sparkly. I coated my nails first with this sandy nail polish that looks natural and then added the pink one with glitters, followed by the gradation nail polish and then before it would dried up, I put these little bling on each nails. No need to coat it again for another layer, it should be fine and intact. :)

Beauty Haul :)

My mom just got back from her vacation with my grandma. And I got a little excited with her pasalubongs for me. If there's anything in this world that can make me truly happy.. that would be beauty products! hahaha I'm so kikay I know. :))

I tried some of them already and it was really good on the face, especially this facial mask.. it makes my skin so smooth and moisturised. I don't usually put anything on my face like most of the people actually thought.. my face is pretty much sensitive that I couldn't even afford to risk it in anyway I could just to try a product that people would say, was good.

Not unless I've tried and tested the product's name like Olay, Shiseido, Kiehl's, MaryKay, NU skin, The body shop, St. Ives, and all other known beauty products out there. There are also cheap ones that works wonders on my face such as Neutrogena, Ponds, Nivea, Garnier.

I like that mom bought a whole pack for us. This prolly has 50-100 pieces of facial mask inside, so that could be good for atleast a month or so.

My favorite of all.. BATH PRODUCTS! haha I'm insane and definitely a hoarder when it comes to toiletries.

I love bath salts and I'm crazy about them.. I have atleast 5 different bath salts right now. hihi

New lotions for me too.. 2 Victoria's secret lotion and 2 lotions from bath & body works. I love raspberry fragrance when it comes to lotions.

But my most favorite of all are these two gorgeous spray Fuwarie bottles for styling my hair curl or straight. I saw these first at the beauty bar for Php 450 per bottle and I figured it was too expensive so I made my mom bought it for me instead. She got it in Tokyo for only Php 250 per bottle. Always better to buy a product where it was originated. Always the cheapest! anyhow, I can't wait to blog a review about these. Soon!

Lastly, the most essential for me and absolutely necessary for my eyes.. Restore me eye gel. ¥ 6,825 :)

I've been crying for weeks because of our non ending sesh of fighting over the phone. So this one would be so much of help to restore my dying eyes. This one was actually for mom, but I'm keeping this for me. hehe
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