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Tuesday, May 21, 2013

I have a pretty sensitive nose. Sometimes I hate putting on perfume, sometimes I really do love to bathe in perfume. lol Depends really on my mood. But I think perfumes are dagdag alindog points especially for men. I think boys should understand the importance of having a good perfume that can attract girls. Luckily, my boy knows how to smell so good even without a perfume. :))

Anyhoo, I used to love Gucci II perfume and Bvlgari but I grew tired on it and switched to many perfumes I've already lost count on. But lately, I'm using Samourai perfume for girls, actually it's just an Au De Toilette kind that's why it has a really mild scent -- just the way I like them, I had two bottles before this "Dela Riche" (click the link to see how gorgeous this perfume is) and as you can see it's almost half empty so I practically begged my Mom to buy me new ones.. which she did btw! :))

Now I'm currently using these guys over here.. most especially the AQUA SAVON and L'OCCITANE.

The Aqua Savon has a very beach feeling to it hence the name "aqua", it has a mild refreshing scent while the L'Occitane has a very girly smell that I really like. :)

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