Eau Thermale Avène (save your skin, it's the only skin you've got!)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

    Don't you just love that line from Avène? "Save your skin, it's the only skin you've got!"

 Hello! yes finally Avène is available in the Philippines now. :)
I first heard of this from the make-up alley review posts and I was wondering whether it would be available here in the Philippines. Luckily, when my sister got home she bought like a $50 set (or something more) of Avène products and made me try some of them. I hate that she already emptied the water spray (just like the evian water facial spray) before she even come home. boo! Obviously, she loved it! so I'm gunna have to buy a new water spray instead for myself. I badly need it for our exciting one week late summer trip this July! Find out about it soon.. heehee :p

But anyways, still I'm happy that I get to use some of them so it actually saves me more money. lol
Today I will only be reviewing about the Avène Cleanance Gel since I don't think I will be needing the three other items anytime soon because thank goodness, I don't have any skin problems or acne at the moment. Hopefully not ever!

Cleanance Gel Php 1,235
Avène is a french skincare company, and all of their products contain Avène Thermal Spring Water which is clinically proven to soothe all types of sensitive skin. But even if you have a normal skin, you can still use their products. I personally like this cleanance gel and I've been using this for more than a week now and so far I am absolutely liking it.. it says that it's a soapless cleanser which I can agree of, because it doesn't have a strong smell at all. I love the mild scent of it and that kinda reminds of the Lactacyd scent though.. funny. But I love it. I also noticed that you only need a small amount every now and then to wash your face, it's very matipid to use. So I think this could last for ages!

right after you wash your face, you would instantly feel the smoothness on your face..
it's quite like a magic, it's so soft on the face... and though it would control the oilness on your face, it's still non-drying at all. Unlike those other products that I've tried, this cleanser really does wonders. And though this comes in a gel form this thing does get foamy. amezeballs!

Over all I think Avène would really make it big this year (here in the Philippines), and though the price is a little bit more more more pricier than olay, garnier and whatnot, yeah I know that sounds redundant! but this thing should worth your splurge! :)

You can buy Avene (like the Avène Phillipines facebook page here) products at some mercury drug stores outlet. Preferably at the Robinsons magnolia mall. 

What's your beauty secret? Shiseido moisturizer and Kiehl's toner. (Reviews)

Saturday, June 29, 2013

Eversince I started this semester, everyone has been asking me what did I use on my face over the summer? they noticed a glow on my face or some sorta like it and it's like a sparkling white glow kind of skin. Well, I couldn't think of any reason besides (duh, I was born and naturally fair) the fact that I didn't go to the beach and spent nearly 100% of my summer staying at my OJT office with a full blast aircon on and sleeping in an air-conditioned room here in the house. I think that should be enough reasons right? but then again everyone did the same thing.. so there must be something I did. 

So I kept on thinking and thinking and pondering on my thoughts about what the hell did I use on my face besides my normal routines? and then I suddenly remembered using this new Shiseido thing and Kiehl's toner that my mom bought from Japan. Then I realized maybe that's one of the reasons why my skin was glowing. ha!

I would often use these two nowadays as my toner and moisturizer everyday. You know just to balance it all out, and to keep my face looking fresh all day. These two could make a really good duo that can be very much friendly to your face. And let me tell you why.. :)

This tonic one from Kiehl's is called RARE EARTH PORE REFINING TONIC Php 1,200.
According to Kiehl's: This dual-phase toner is formulated with oil-absorbing Amazonian white clay to refine pores and control shine. With ingredients sourced from the Marajo Island at the mouth of the Amazon River, this unique formula is rich in minerals and helps eliminate surface toxins from skin. This formula rebalances skin's moisture levels for a smoother and healthier appearance.

Personally, I am not so much of a fan of toners, but this Kiehl's tonic right here is the bomb! Like literally after using it --your face would suddenly feel tighter and smoother with a soothing and cooling shine free effect, it's very refreshing! and it's a dual phase though that has a chalk like clay inside so you need a good shake before applying it on your face. But then this toner could really dry your face if you have a normal skin type like me.. so what I always do though is I would balance it out by applying this Shiseido moisturizer.

According to Shiseido: This whitening moisturizer contains Shiseido exclusive whitening ingredient, M-Tranexamic Acid which effectively prevents the problem of pigmentation and helps to clear up uneven and dull skin tone that caused by sun exposure. It gives you a transparent and bright result for healthy complexion. For normal to dry and dry skin. 

I always use this moisturizer after kiehl's toner just to make my skin glow and not dry. And it's important for me to always make sure that I moisturize my face first before putting on any make-up, because moisturizers can help settle the make up on our face giving us a more radiant looking skin all day. This moisturizer is not so sticky unlike any other moisturizers out there. It has a mild scent too that I really really love. It also refreshes and hydrates skin and makes it fairer almost instantly. I love this!

These two products are definitely a worth try! 
Hence the names itself-- Shieseido and Kiehl's what's not there to trust? xxx

Review: Fuwarie Hairspray

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finally, I get to try this most raved about Fuwarie hairspray... my mom bought me this when she visited Japan almost two months ago. But you can actually buy Fuwarie at any Beauty bars outlet here in the Philippines for Php 450 a bottle. Basically, fuwarie is a styling heat protectant hairspray that protects hair from being damaged when you iron it. So this thing right here is a shield to avoid having bad hair days! :))

I tried this one.. Fuwarie for curling.
I like that it comes with this safety nozzle lock that prevents it from spilling or accidentally spraying it on your face or whatnot. But personally, I love that it comes with a lock so you won't have to worry about buying another bottle anytime soon. So yes, I suggest that you use it.. lock it like you're broke! haha

I curled it using my flat iron while it's kinda wet.. it's weird that I can actually feel like something is protecting my hair. ha! and plus I love the fruity smell and it's not too sticky.

Plus, it gives me the soft, bouncy, and curly hair that I like! :)

I actually recommend this to use as an everyday spray for the hair before styling it.. not only the curl can last longer but it can also help nourish your hair and bring back the lost moisture in it. :)

You girls.. we all know that our hair is our crowning glory.. so we must protect it!

this is worth every penny-- pinky swear! xxx

Home made Ice cream (Red Velvet Tea)

Monday, June 24, 2013

 I just made my very own Red velvet tea Ice cream at home. Basically, I was just bored and craving and prolly didn't know what else or how else I could be able to enjoy my red velvet tea without it being hot. lol So I decided why not make an Ice cream out if it? And so I did,  yeah.. I am clever like that. haha kidding!

Here's what you need:

STEP 1:   I use 2 tea bags and soak it in a wee bit of hot water for like 10mins just to get all the flavour.

STEP 2: I transferred it into a bowl and put 1/3cup of milk and about 3 tbsp of icing sugar. I use the Alaska Sweet milk so I won't be needing a lot of sugar anymore.

STEP 3: Then add the all purpose cream, whisk it, and then add a tinnie tiny bit of red food coloring.

STEP 4: Place inside the fridge for about 6 hours or overnight.

STEP 5: ENJOY! :))

It's yummy and very easy to do! Next time I'm planning to do a milktea Ice cream cake. Can't wait! xxx

Beauty bathroom goodies! :)

Thursday, June 20, 2013

Toiletries.. there's no doubt that girls are obsessed with different bath products. 
I on the other hand, is guilty for being obsessed with anything as long as it can be use inside the bathroom. 
Be it a scrubbing pad or a foot brush.  I'm such an anal girl when it comes to bathroom beauty goodies (Anal Girl - meaning I am so organized. lol) I always make sure that we have a clean bathroom inside the house, so I always and "actually" pretty much enjoy cleaning the tub and other stuff all the time. I am organized like that. (mom, just the bathroom okay? I won't clean the whole house.) Nice try. lol
The big guys.. 
were using shiseido tsubaki shampoo and conditioner lately. This gorgeous smelling vanilla shea butter as our body soap (I also like the raspberry of this from the other bathroom) and ofcourse lavender for foaming.

I love these!! Hotel toiletries that my mom got from her recent visit to Tokyo. It's funny because when my friend Pauline also visited Tokyo, she gave me hotel toiletries too. haha I guess Japan has the most beautiful hotel toiletries. Hence as you can see, they use crabtree & evelyn! How fab? :p

 (taken from my instagram)

What is this really? we tried this one called the Wild Bath. 
my mom got this from the box but I don't really know what this is.. neither her.

 but I think it's a charcoal bath or whatnot. It's weird though.. Look.

 It's black.. and you know what they say about black..
That once you go black, you can never go back. lol
it has an awful smell that I didn't like.. so I didn't even try to bath in it.. 
I immediately asked my cool tita what this is?  and here's what she said---
"I think that's for a hot bath it brings out fragrance that attracts men and makes a woman feels like horny!!! it has fermone ... google it girl. That lady in photo is a famous sex symbol artist here in Japan her name is Aya Sugimoto google again! hajaha!!! I'm telling the truth and nothing but the truth it's written there... no kidding!"  

Oh thank God that I asked first before diving in it! right? hahaha so weird and so awkward. I wouldn't even know what to do about it.. but I am definitely not touching it again!! :)))

Easy Vegan burger (Tofu) Recipe

I love TOFU and obviously I've been trying different recipes lately so that I could eat a tofu in any way I want. So last wednesday I decided to make my very own TOFU BURGER, there are some recipes out there that you could also try, but it's always best to go on with what you like to add on your own recipe so that you can get the actual taste that you love.

Anyways, this tofu burger is very healthy and guilt free!! :)


  • 1 firm TOFU
  • Finely chopped carrots
  • Finely chopped basil
  • Finely chopped garlic and onions
  • Salt and Pepper
  • 1 egg
  • 1 tbsp of milk
  • Olive Oil (for frying)
  • Flour
  • Barbecue sauce (optional)
 STEP 1: Put the tofu, carrots, garlic, onions and basil in a bowl. (or you can use a blender or a food processor to blend everything together.)

 STEP 2:  Add the milk and squish it all together using your hand or a fork.

STEP 3: Add the egg (not really vegan I know) and then salt and pepper.

(optional) Just like any other burger patties, you can put a Worcestershire sauce or you can put a soysauce or any other sauce that you like.. I used this awesome barbecue sauce that my mom got from Tokyo. This one is super yummy! I put about 3 tbsp of this.

STEP 4: Dust them into flour and then fry using an Olive Oil.

STEP 5: The most exciting part... it's done! You can finally EAT it like this or put it on a burger ban with lettuce and enjoy the guilt free burger. :)


Thinking of baking next week.. hmmm, what to bake?

What I miss.

Thursday, June 13, 2013

I miss spending time with my Twin, but I think I miss the Red Mango more. lol

I miss the clubbing times with Jho, and my bangs! 

I miss being a nursing student... but then I'm too kikay for the course! :))

Easiest Potato salad using Vegan Mayo

Wednesday, June 12, 2013

I love POTATO SALAD! especially Banapple's potato salad. I'm addicted! :)

So since I just made my own VEGAN MAYO I decided to make potato salad tonight.. Yum yum!

It's pretty simple and the usual classic potato salad.

What you need:
- Peeled potatoes
- Carrots
- Boiled Eggs
- Vegan Mayo
- Corns (optional)

- Bring water to a boil and add together the carrots, potato and eggs. (put a little salt)
- Cool it down and put inside the fridge for a couple of hours and then mix.
- Add salt and pepper or onions to taste.

Love & blessings,
Trina x

Vegan Mayonnaise (using tofu) Recipe

I just discovered this yummy vegan mayo when I come across this blog called veggieful. I've been looking for a perfect recipe for a mayo and I was happy that I finally found one! I tried the recipe but kinda added a little twist into it (according to my taste).. and I was happy with the result! :)

What you need:
  • 330g silken tofu
  • 1 tbsp water
  • 1/4 tsp salt
  • 1 1/2 tbsp lemon juice
  • 5 tsp brown sugar
  • 3 tsp mustard
  • 1 tbsp olive oil
  • 2 tsp vinegar

1. First, just add all the ingredients to a blender or to a food processor. Until combined evenly.

2. Taste it and then add some of the ingredients if you think something is lacking. Blend it again.

3. Put the mayo into a bowl or a jar and then store in the fridge for about 1 to 2 hours just to thicken it up.

* this Mayo could last for about 3 days when stored in the fridge.
* you can also use this vegan mayo to make a tuna sandwich, pasta or you can make potato salad like I did! :))


Monday, June 10, 2013

written by: Trina 

I don't belong to anyone.. 

I only belong to myself and my creator.

I dress for myself, I bake for myself, I paint for myself, 

I sing for myself and I celebrate myself. 

NO ONE can make me stay nor commit for anything less. 

Because I am my own company and I love me.. 

I am free as a bird because I have a wild heart.

I deserve nothing but a complete joy and peacefulness in life. 

NO ONE can make nor break me. 

I am only in a relationship with someone because it compliments me,
and not because it completes me nor rectify my existence.

I only kiss because my lips are thirsty,
and my lip gloss is fruity.

When I dream, I only dream for myself.

A dream that awakens my soul and takes me to the dream land full of unicorns and and glitters.

I am whole as a woman, I am whole as a person. 

I have so much love in me that I won't let any guy steal that away from me.

I hold everything together in me. 

I won't shake, I won't blink. 

I won't break away.

This is who I am and you can never take even one inch of me. 

I belong to myself.....

I belong to no one in this world.


I'm all giggles :)

Wednesday, June 5, 2013

I am skype-ing tonight with my loves.. and my heart is definitely at it's happy place.
 Well, the photos says so. ;p

I love this man so much.. to the moon and back! xxx

Vegan? not really.. Almost.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hey there.. I know I'm such a terrible blogger and as much as I wanna update this blog everyday I just can't. I am not disciplined enough to do so. So forgive me for being crappy.

Anyways, nothing much has changed. I'm still very much in a relationship with the man I wanna marry (without actually getting married) and I'm happy that things are getting better between us. God is really amazing and I hope He would reveal Himself more to us, so we could practice His love, patience and kindness towards each other. I just can't wait for my baby to come home! hihi

On the side note, I'm still busy with my OJT and I still pretty much need 15 days to complete my 400 hrs of OJT. Sucks! I know.. I literally didn't have summer this year. Good thing, I am happy to announce that I am somehow becoming a Vegan, if not, I am clearly going there little by little.. by eating and stuffing myself with healthy foodies. I'd like to think I am not on a diet, but really just a change of lifestyle. Period.

I make salad everyday and I'm kinda growing on it. Hence, this yummy ceasar salad that my mom got from Tokyo which I love love love!

I don't really know how to make a proper salad so I just followed my instinct and put whatevs I think would taste delish. I actually put on some melon pieces as you can see.. It turned out to be so juicy and delicious salad I have every made.

My breakfast for almost every other day,, Tuna sandwich with lots of greens! :D

And, I'm pretty much thankful that my mom is very supportive of my new lifestyle that she's actually making me obento lunches for work. Like this one-- chicken karage (my all time fave) and veggies.

and this salad for my lunch everyday! :))

If there's anything I wish right now that would be a great patience and will when it comes to saying NO to fattening foods. haha But then again, I don't deprive myself that much when it comes to dieting. I still eat anything but only in moderation. Hence, my boyfie doesn't want me too thin.. so I just need to balance everything. Which speaking of, it's already JUNE-- and I'm gunna see him in about 4 months time! yay. :)

One week to go before the school starts! (im not excited.lol) 
I just enrolled myself last week and I can't believe that the new enrolling system finally allows the students to choose whatever sched we like! So cool and part uncool. I have no class every monday and wed.. But whatevs I am full load again. boo! :(
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