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Thursday, June 20, 2013

Toiletries.. there's no doubt that girls are obsessed with different bath products. 
I on the other hand, is guilty for being obsessed with anything as long as it can be use inside the bathroom. 
Be it a scrubbing pad or a foot brush.  I'm such an anal girl when it comes to bathroom beauty goodies (Anal Girl - meaning I am so organized. lol) I always make sure that we have a clean bathroom inside the house, so I always and "actually" pretty much enjoy cleaning the tub and other stuff all the time. I am organized like that. (mom, just the bathroom okay? I won't clean the whole house.) Nice try. lol
The big guys.. 
were using shiseido tsubaki shampoo and conditioner lately. This gorgeous smelling vanilla shea butter as our body soap (I also like the raspberry of this from the other bathroom) and ofcourse lavender for foaming.

I love these!! Hotel toiletries that my mom got from her recent visit to Tokyo. It's funny because when my friend Pauline also visited Tokyo, she gave me hotel toiletries too. haha I guess Japan has the most beautiful hotel toiletries. Hence as you can see, they use crabtree & evelyn! How fab? :p

 (taken from my instagram)

What is this really? we tried this one called the Wild Bath. 
my mom got this from the box but I don't really know what this is.. neither her.

 but I think it's a charcoal bath or whatnot. It's weird though.. Look.

 It's black.. and you know what they say about black..
That once you go black, you can never go back. lol
it has an awful smell that I didn't like.. so I didn't even try to bath in it.. 
I immediately asked my cool tita what this is?  and here's what she said---
"I think that's for a hot bath it brings out fragrance that attracts men and makes a woman feels like horny!!! it has fermone ... google it girl. That lady in photo is a famous sex symbol artist here in Japan her name is Aya Sugimoto google again! hajaha!!! I'm telling the truth and nothing but the truth it's written there... no kidding!"  

Oh thank God that I asked first before diving in it! right? hahaha so weird and so awkward. I wouldn't even know what to do about it.. but I am definitely not touching it again!! :)))

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