Eau Thermale Avène (save your skin, it's the only skin you've got!)

Sunday, June 30, 2013

    Don't you just love that line from Avène? "Save your skin, it's the only skin you've got!"

 Hello! yes finally Avène is available in the Philippines now. :)
I first heard of this from the make-up alley review posts and I was wondering whether it would be available here in the Philippines. Luckily, when my sister got home she bought like a $50 set (or something more) of Avène products and made me try some of them. I hate that she already emptied the water spray (just like the evian water facial spray) before she even come home. boo! Obviously, she loved it! so I'm gunna have to buy a new water spray instead for myself. I badly need it for our exciting one week late summer trip this July! Find out about it soon.. heehee :p

But anyways, still I'm happy that I get to use some of them so it actually saves me more money. lol
Today I will only be reviewing about the Avène Cleanance Gel since I don't think I will be needing the three other items anytime soon because thank goodness, I don't have any skin problems or acne at the moment. Hopefully not ever!

Cleanance Gel Php 1,235
Avène is a french skincare company, and all of their products contain Avène Thermal Spring Water which is clinically proven to soothe all types of sensitive skin. But even if you have a normal skin, you can still use their products. I personally like this cleanance gel and I've been using this for more than a week now and so far I am absolutely liking it.. it says that it's a soapless cleanser which I can agree of, because it doesn't have a strong smell at all. I love the mild scent of it and that kinda reminds of the Lactacyd scent though.. funny. But I love it. I also noticed that you only need a small amount every now and then to wash your face, it's very matipid to use. So I think this could last for ages!

right after you wash your face, you would instantly feel the smoothness on your face..
it's quite like a magic, it's so soft on the face... and though it would control the oilness on your face, it's still non-drying at all. Unlike those other products that I've tried, this cleanser really does wonders. And though this comes in a gel form this thing does get foamy. amezeballs!

Over all I think Avène would really make it big this year (here in the Philippines), and though the price is a little bit more more more pricier than olay, garnier and whatnot, yeah I know that sounds redundant! but this thing should worth your splurge! :)

You can buy Avene (like the Avène Phillipines facebook page here) products at some mercury drug stores outlet. Preferably at the Robinsons magnolia mall. 

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  1. Happy to know also. Been using the cleanace soapless gel for two years now and it had contolled my acne. I've known this in singapore and since then tll now its still my facial wash. Good thing it's here already. My husband and i use it. A bottle takes me konths to empty so it's worth the price.


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