Monday, June 10, 2013

written by: Trina 

I don't belong to anyone.. 

I only belong to myself and my creator.

I dress for myself, I bake for myself, I paint for myself, 

I sing for myself and I celebrate myself. 

NO ONE can make me stay nor commit for anything less. 

Because I am my own company and I love me.. 

I am free as a bird because I have a wild heart.

I deserve nothing but a complete joy and peacefulness in life. 

NO ONE can make nor break me. 

I am only in a relationship with someone because it compliments me,
and not because it completes me nor rectify my existence.

I only kiss because my lips are thirsty,
and my lip gloss is fruity.

When I dream, I only dream for myself.

A dream that awakens my soul and takes me to the dream land full of unicorns and and glitters.

I am whole as a woman, I am whole as a person. 

I have so much love in me that I won't let any guy steal that away from me.

I hold everything together in me. 

I won't shake, I won't blink. 

I won't break away.

This is who I am and you can never take even one inch of me. 

I belong to myself.....

I belong to no one in this world.


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  1. really amazing but you exhibit weakness inside by showing so much strong ness hahah correct me if I am wrong


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