Review: Fuwarie Hairspray

Tuesday, June 25, 2013

Finally, I get to try this most raved about Fuwarie hairspray... my mom bought me this when she visited Japan almost two months ago. But you can actually buy Fuwarie at any Beauty bars outlet here in the Philippines for Php 450 a bottle. Basically, fuwarie is a styling heat protectant hairspray that protects hair from being damaged when you iron it. So this thing right here is a shield to avoid having bad hair days! :))

I tried this one.. Fuwarie for curling.
I like that it comes with this safety nozzle lock that prevents it from spilling or accidentally spraying it on your face or whatnot. But personally, I love that it comes with a lock so you won't have to worry about buying another bottle anytime soon. So yes, I suggest that you use it.. lock it like you're broke! haha

I curled it using my flat iron while it's kinda wet.. it's weird that I can actually feel like something is protecting my hair. ha! and plus I love the fruity smell and it's not too sticky.

Plus, it gives me the soft, bouncy, and curly hair that I like! :)

I actually recommend this to use as an everyday spray for the hair before styling it.. not only the curl can last longer but it can also help nourish your hair and bring back the lost moisture in it. :)

You girls.. we all know that our hair is our crowning glory.. so we must protect it!

this is worth every penny-- pinky swear! xxx

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