Vegan? not really.. Almost.

Sunday, June 2, 2013

Hey there.. I know I'm such a terrible blogger and as much as I wanna update this blog everyday I just can't. I am not disciplined enough to do so. So forgive me for being crappy.

Anyways, nothing much has changed. I'm still very much in a relationship with the man I wanna marry (without actually getting married) and I'm happy that things are getting better between us. God is really amazing and I hope He would reveal Himself more to us, so we could practice His love, patience and kindness towards each other. I just can't wait for my baby to come home! hihi

On the side note, I'm still busy with my OJT and I still pretty much need 15 days to complete my 400 hrs of OJT. Sucks! I know.. I literally didn't have summer this year. Good thing, I am happy to announce that I am somehow becoming a Vegan, if not, I am clearly going there little by little.. by eating and stuffing myself with healthy foodies. I'd like to think I am not on a diet, but really just a change of lifestyle. Period.

I make salad everyday and I'm kinda growing on it. Hence, this yummy ceasar salad that my mom got from Tokyo which I love love love!

I don't really know how to make a proper salad so I just followed my instinct and put whatevs I think would taste delish. I actually put on some melon pieces as you can see.. It turned out to be so juicy and delicious salad I have every made.

My breakfast for almost every other day,, Tuna sandwich with lots of greens! :D

And, I'm pretty much thankful that my mom is very supportive of my new lifestyle that she's actually making me obento lunches for work. Like this one-- chicken karage (my all time fave) and veggies.

and this salad for my lunch everyday! :))

If there's anything I wish right now that would be a great patience and will when it comes to saying NO to fattening foods. haha But then again, I don't deprive myself that much when it comes to dieting. I still eat anything but only in moderation. Hence, my boyfie doesn't want me too thin.. so I just need to balance everything. Which speaking of, it's already JUNE-- and I'm gunna see him in about 4 months time! yay. :)

One week to go before the school starts! (im not 
I just enrolled myself last week and I can't believe that the new enrolling system finally allows the students to choose whatever sched we like! So cool and part uncool. I have no class every monday and wed.. But whatevs I am full load again. boo! :(

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