Bantayan Island Nature Park and Resort

Sunday, July 21, 2013

Bantayan Island Nature Park & Resort is an 8-hectare wellness and leisure hideaway located in Tami-ao, Bantayan Island, North of Cebu province, Philippines. Owned by Mr. Pacheco (a pilot) 

For P150 you will get an awesome day tour package..
A tour to their mini zoo, beautiful garden, fish your feet spa, sto. nino cave (spring pool), infinity pool, and kiddie pool, a captain's bar & resto, and ofcourse the beach.

Going to the cave, they will provide you with a tour guide. Ofcourse.. 
kudos to the staff for being so accommodating and nice.

 It's called the Sto.nino cave because they said that this sto.nino was already here years before they discovered the cave. They just changed the clothes though.. but overall, it was here already.

The day tour package includes swimming at the cave, the water was so clear and a bit salty. No fishes or anything like that.. it has an alkaline though and was said to be miraculous if you want to have a baby. Be sure to be really good at swimming though because the water could get high up to 8 feet during high tide.
 Stalagmites and stalactites formation--- obviously no one is allowed to touch or even step on it.

The mini zoo and garden.. they have cranberry trees and mulberry. Didn't know they could actually grow here in the Philippines though.. very interesting!

Hello birdies! :)

The cottages
 You can rent their cottages for Php 800 up to Php 10k depending on room rates and pick seasons.
for more info about their rooms, please check out their facebook page.
The Jacuzzi, Sauna and massage area.
 The Jacuzzi P300 - for 30mins.
The sauna P300- for 30mins.
 Plus massage. So all in all it's P600 per person.

 Fish-Your-Feet Spa (Garra Ruffa) a.k.a doctor fish.
You can enjoy the nibbling of these fishes for P50/15mins
So ticklish.. haha
Basically, these fishes eat the dead skin cells of your skin and leaving the healthy skins to grow.

The beach and tanning area

The infinity pool

 They serve the best lasagna ever we had two of this!! A bit pricey but so worth it. :)
Caramelized Chicken-- pricey too but so yummy!!

The pool-- 6ft deep so make sure you know how to swim to enjoy the pool.. :)

So most definitely, if you go to the bantayan island make sure to visit here at the Nature Park! 
It's worth every penny! xxx

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