Kawasan Falls

Tuesday, July 23, 2013

The 1st falls
It's blue, clean, cold and gorgeous. Kawasan Falls consists of multiple cascading waterfalls inside and has about three-tiered main waterfalls. And though it was quite a long drive going to Badian Cebu and had to walk for about 1.5km to reach the falls,. it was definitely worth it. The view was breath taking as we were hiking through the trail.. so if you opt not to walk, you will miss half of your life! 

I couldn't hardly believe it myself that the blue spring water was actually real and very clean that you can actually drink the water from it. Oh yes the wonders of God's creation!

The entrance fee: Php 10.00 
Just a random mini waterfall
While walking through the trail you can see the long greenish river connecting to the falls with fishes swimming on it's crystal clear water. I was so tempted to dive in everyime I see the blue water because it was a really long walk! so as we went nearer and nearer, I get more and more excited.
I also noticed that they have this thing called hydro-electric power plant to actually get some energy and produce electricity from the water. I think it's very clever! don't you think? good job people!

The 2nd falls where we stayed! because the 1st one was already too crowded.. 

Going up from one falls to another was really hard and slippery that I actually got a lot of bruises (and almost cried.lol) but honestly though, make sure to wear a good pair of slippers preferably an Ipanema, because it doesn't really slip on your feet so easily. Trust. It's a must!

ofcourse, bringing a food is a must too! We had spaghetti, sugpo, and liempo as baon. hihi

The 3rd one

We went to the 3rd one and noticed that it was low tide.. but a few mins later it went high tide. I also noticed that the water was warm unlike the other water falls here in the Kawasan Falls.. And the most amazing part  was-- it's like a Jacuzzi. Like literally you can just relax and enjoy the gushing of the water and the bubbles.

If you enjoy natural spring waters.. you definitely need to visit Kawasan Falls! xxx

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