Lantaw (native restaurant)

Sunday, July 21, 2013

 Lantaw is a famous floating restaurant in cebu... not only they have the best food but they also serve the best drinks. Plus a great view! :)

 Lantaw's interior is very homey and native.. and the restaurant is so spacious.

We had chapsuey, kare-kare, scallops, and bibingka ala mode! very pinoy right?

 Cordova cooler-- this drink is so delish!
Scallops with cheese and garlic... like omg this is to die for!!
Bibingka ala mode for dessert! :)

 The view... breath taking! :)

You can check out their facebook page for more info. (


  1. We'd love to use some of your pictures on our site. Credit goes to you, of course. Like you, we're happy to help others realize how cool this restaurant is.

    1. ofcourse you can! Thank you.. we love Lantaw! :)


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